The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) launches its Sport Integrity Goals today and simultaneously opens registration for the first ever SIGA Youth Forum taking place on 27 and 28 January 2021. The entire sports community and wider industry is invited to join the #StandWithSIGA campaign to demonstrate support for these progressive goals, which also includes the added benefit of a complimentary ticket to the SIGA Youth Forum.
The SIGA Youth Forum provides a unique platform for young people to come together and address the critical challenges facing Sport and the wider industry to instigate the much-needed cultural change and long-overdue integrity reforms.

2 Days of Youth Activism
12 Forward-Thinking Webinar Sessions
Gathering Young Leaders Under 30 from All Over the World
Promoting Youth Empowerment in and through Sport
Creating a Global Movement
One United Front
With One Vision and One Mission
Leading the Way for Sport Integrity

Offering insightful discussions, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for young people on the following topics:

  • Creating Global Dynamics for Effective Cultural Change
  • The Power of Technology, Social Media and Digital
  • For a Sport with Values: Race, Gender, Diversity & Inclusion!
  • Human Rights: Creating Pressure on Sports Organisations to Reform Themselves
  • Sport Integrity: Vision 2030
  • Social Responsibility and the Power of Athletes to influence Social Changes
  • Why Global Business Needs to Do More for Sport Integrity
  • Youth Development and Child Protection in Sport: Walking the Talk
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurs: Shaping Sport Integrity Now
  • Careers in Sport Integrity: Opening the Door to the Next Generation
  • eSports: the Integrity Challenges of the Fastest Growing Sport
  • Clean Sport: Mission Impossible?

The full composition of the SIGA Youth Council is here.

Support the Sport Integrity Goals to secure your complimentary
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