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SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance SIGA Chair @FrancoFrattini sets the standard for sports rules: clean sport requires strong & urgent measures! Didn… 5 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Racism is unacceptable & one of @SIGAlliance concerns regarding #Sport #Integrity. @RomeluLukaku9 @ChelseaFC 18 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Last week's #SIW2021 connected all industry stakeholders around #Sport #Integrity issues. Drago Kos @OECD said it… 23 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Fernando Urbano chief-editor @abolapt explained why the Portuguese sports-newspaper was one of the 28 Media Partner… 1 day ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Stand up and speak Stand up for #Sport #Integrity @EmanuelGsc SIGA Global CEO call to action: everyone is crucial… 1 day ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance #SIW2021 was rich in news regarding #Sport #Integrity, as new organisations decided to undergo integrity checks.… 1 day ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance #WednesdayWisdom Life/Work balance: a question @JessicaBerman1 adressed on #SIGAWoW special edition during… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Betty Bavagnoli @ASRomaWomen on #SIGAWoW Special Edition #SIW2021. Watch it: 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance ICYMI: Watch #SIGAWoW #SIW2021 special September Special Edition: @JessicaBerman1 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance "Without #Integrity, #Sport will become fiction & lose its educational role. Protecting Sport Integrity means prote… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Rui Botica Santos message after being appointed as #SIGAEUROPE Advisory Board member. #StandWithSIGA Read Press R… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance The moment @advorkovich announced @FIDE_chess was taking SIRVS to scrutinize compliance w/ @SIGAlliance Universal S… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance #SIGAEUROPE Advisory Board member @ViktoriaSlavko1 emphasises her committment to @SIGAlliance vision and mission.… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @FIDE_chess: "FIDE is not just about official tournaments or world championships, it is about promoting education among youth, gender eq… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @Clue_Software: Thanks for a thought-provoking session @SIGAlliance on the increasing global depth, scale and impact of corruption and… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance He scored many goals during his career and became an idol for millions. SIGA Champion @louissaha is willing to ref… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @CSM_Worldwide: Congratulations to Dan Mannix and Ross Meltzer for being appointed to @SIGAlliance America Advisory Board! Learn more i… 3 days ago

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SIGA Launches 2021/2022 Global Agenda on Female Empowerment and Leadership in Sport


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