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Sport Integrity Global Alliance

In November 2015, 20 organisations came together to create an informal coalition to lead an international private-public partnership to tackle the numerous and urgent governance challenges facing sport. The group included sports bodies, governments, anti-corruption NGOs, inter-governmental organisations, and commercial partners. Over the past sixteen months, the informal gathering has grown to more than 80 supporting organisations. Today SIGA is a worldwide, independent, neutral coalition, legally incorporated under Swiss law as a non-for-profit association, led by the sports industry and supported by key stakeholders.

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SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @NOCKOSOVO: Një foto e përbashkët në përfundim të Samitit të tretë Rajonal të @SIGAlliance, të organizuar sot nga @NOCKOSOVO. #SIGASumm 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance 3. To the youth: Speak Up 4 Sport Integrity. We want to work with you to shape a future that we can all be proud of… https://t.co/BzOgX2Sjqm 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance . . . so that sport can b brighter so that fans believe in sport & global business community can trust sport. SIGA… https://t.co/FZUEUFAnrF 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Closing remarks @EmanuelGsc, SIGA CEO: “I speak from the heart & address 3 recipients: 1. Thank you to @NOCKOSOVO 4… https://t.co/64kFk1OI1L 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Njomza Emini, President, Kosovo 🇽🇰 Paralympic Committee: “I call for the youth 2 accept & see people with disabilit… https://t.co/RHvMcbJqV4 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance The SIGA Universal Standards on Good Governance promote gender equality, diversity & inclusion. Read the SIGA Unive… https://t.co/4Hmx8XPWNv 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Shasivar Haxhijaj, Sec-Gen @NOCKOSOVO: “The EU Olympic Committee are about 2 draft a strategy on gender equality. T… https://t.co/Kt2ovDAGPB 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Last but certainly NOT least: “Gender Balance, Diversity & Inclusion in Sport!” #SIGAWomen #pressforprogress https://t.co/BM4wjezMVi 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Wrapping up the panel, Ramadan Ahmeti, Director, Kosovo Police: “We have established several best practices & actio… https://t.co/9fH2LUIEyL 3 days ago
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SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance McKenzie Carmack, @PeaceCorpsUSC globalises the issue: “Abuse comes in all shapes: bullying, sexual harassment, phy… https://t.co/1vEuYUXvbJ 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “Every young athlete, professional or amateur deserves to play sport in a safe & sound environment, free from any f… https://t.co/NjrEPcdqWG 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance SIGA CEO, @EmanuelGsc: “We place Youth Development & Child Protection firmly at the heart of Sport Integrity. This… https://t.co/GdneGR0eUx 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Naim Bilalli, @tdh_kosovo: “I commend SIGA CEO & @NOCKOSOVO. We need 2 b aware of trafficking & abuse, have set reg… https://t.co/Yjcp6DeJTR 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance SIGA Regional Summit tackles hot topic in panel 3: “Preventing Child Trafficking & Abuse in Sport.” Follow live or… https://t.co/iCFgyMXQ0w 3 days ago

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