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Sport Integrity Global Alliance

In November 2015, 20 organisations came together to create an informal coalition to lead an international private-public partnership to tackle the numerous and urgent governance challenges facing sport. The group included sports bodies, governments, anti-corruption NGOs, inter-governmental organisations, and commercial partners. Over the past sixteen months, the informal gathering has grown to more than 80 supporting organisations. Today SIGA is a worldwide, independent, neutral coalition, legally incorporated under Swiss law as a non-for-profit association, led by the sports industry and supported by key stakeholders.

SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance #HappyFriday to all our Members, Supporters & Partners! Now more than ever, the issue of #financialhttps://t.co/QxPyYPTp0c 4 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @AxisStars: Great to be a part of this 👌🏻 KH https://t.co/xLbCU9dJ2k 10 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Thank you to all #SIGA #Mentors that joined today's "How to Mentor Session." Amazing to connect with these fantasti… https://t.co/XNjTUAiuNu 1 day ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Sports Organisations embrace a culture of transparency & accountability to foster good governance. Go 4 Gold: Keep… https://t.co/kbKtWF8gXx 1 day ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Meet our 20th Global Mentor, @madamWebby! We have publicly pledged to find a mentor for all 45 applicants & we are… https://t.co/AFzpl51gNb 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance SIGA AMERICA joins U.S. sport movement to form USCCE Sport Coach Alliance to create minimum standards for coaching… https://t.co/j3yGORPC8B 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @MaureenROJ1: Thank you @SIGAlliance this is fantastic !!! https://t.co/pediTYunB3 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Sports Organisations should ensure that individual constituents of disciplinary & appeal bodies & ethics, audit & r… https://t.co/46u4c2lfZp 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance We are excited at the rapid expansion of the SIGA Global Mentorship Programme! 1st closed door digital session on… https://t.co/9Qxy3u7ezn 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Meet our 19th Global Mentor, @lempika7 ! #MondayMotivation: r u a female leader working in the sports industry? Jo… https://t.co/TgDqCcRvVj 4 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Sports Organisations have a duty to ensure that its members promote a fair & inclusive environment for athletes, en… https://t.co/HnbrhXCPnx 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Refreshingly honest advice @louissaha @AxisStars. Congratulations for using your voice to fly the flag for #sporthttps://t.co/2hcz2lRUZB 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Meet our 18th Global Mentor, Dr Pam Serra @Official_TUT 🇿🇦. The SIGA Global Female Mentorship Programme is about… https://t.co/kJjXxuEbpg 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Established term limits, independent directors & defined election or appointment procedures 4 board members r the B… https://t.co/wAbrSlWstK 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @AxisStars: Kate’s looking forward to mentoring with @SIGAlliance https://t.co/KxBTIkom0t 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Sports Organisations shall continually review & modify its Board representation & staff to ensure diversity & inclu… https://t.co/bxztXooz6K 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Sports Organisations must ensure the quality, professionalism, & independence of its Board members to enforce a dem… https://t.co/yqDTsRuOih 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance ICYMI: Day 1 of #SIW was dedicated to Good Governance in Sport. Watch @FrancoFrattini @SIGAlliance, @AkaashMaharajhttps://t.co/Lkng0MoaVS 2 weeks ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Sports Organisations need an established democratic organisational structure that ensures a clear & auditable separ… https://t.co/TWa0qMGT9A 2 weeks ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Embedding Good Governance requires sports organisations to adapt to a new culture that prioritises democracy, trans… https://t.co/h2geGVzvE4 2 weeks ago

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