SIGA established the SIGA Youth Council (SYC) in 2020 to engage today’s youth in its reform agenda and as part of its drive for Good Governance in Sport.

Applications are now open for the Second Class of Future Leaders to build upon the fantastic foundations laid by the inaugural group.

Open to all Young people from the ages of 18-29, the SYC provides a unique platform for aspiring young leaders to join SIGA’s global movement and have their voices heard in respect of issues related to Sport Integrity.



The SYC mission is to support SIGA’s global agenda on Sport Integrity with a Youth focus that is Youth Driven.


What is involved?

The SYC members will devise an agenda throughout the 18-month term to deliver the mission with the aim of galvanising global youth. The agenda will be approved by SIGA and the SYC will be empowered to deliver.

The 18-month SYC Term will commence in June 2022. Key Landmarks Include:

  • An initial Supported SYC Strategy Session which will determine:
    • Roles & Responsibilities Allocation
    • The Selection of potential short, medium and long term projects for the 18 month period (for supported planning and execution)
  • A minimum of 18 SYC Meetings (one per month)


Benefits include:

  • Acquisition of leadership and advocacy skills
  • Opportunity to expand networks in the sports industry including SIGA’s extensive global network
  • Develop knowledge in the field of Sport Integrity
  • Platform to showcase abilities, skills, and dedication to Sport Integrity.
  • Opportunity to engage in SIGA’s broader thought leadership activities and events
  • Opportunity to set strategic goals including fundraising, social media campaigns and partnerships
  • Opportunity to forge long lasting and invaluable networks with current and future Sport Leaders and kick start a career pathway
  • Opportunity to contribute to SIGA content – including but not limited to the Sport Integrity Journal, the #SIGAWoW show & SIGA Events
  • Complimentary digital participation in SIGA’s flagship thought leadership event, Sport Integrity Week, held in September 2022
  • Opportunity to design and deliver SYC content within Thought Leadership Events (Including Sport Integrity Week)
  • Opportunity to apply for Internships at SIGA and with our members
  • Certificate and Graduation Ceremony held during Sport Integrity week in September 2023

Taylor Green, SYC Chair

Andelija Milovanovic, SYC Vice-Chair

Tomás Macedo de Medeiros, SYC Vice-chair

SIGA Youth Council Showcase