SIGA Youth Council (SYC)
Term 2024-2025

Applications Open: 27 May to 28 June 2024

SIGA established the SIGA Youth Council (SYC) in 2020 to engage today’s youth in its reform agenda and as part of its drive for Good Governance in Sport. Applications are now open for the Third Class of Future Leaders to build upon the fantastic foundations of the inaugural group.

Open to all Young people from the ages of 18-29, the SYC provides a unique platform for aspiring young leaders to join SIGA’s global movement and have their voice heard in respect of issues related to Sport Integrity.

The 2020-2021 Class brought together individuals from a range of continents, backgrounds, skills and experiences that combined to form a formidable team. The 2020 SYC designed, delivered and implemented a range of projects, initiatives and events (including a dedicated SIGA Youth Forum) which firmly established the SYC as a unique platform for aspiring young leaders to acquire skills, experiences and grow their networks whilst driving tangible and demonstrable outputs to showcase their abilities, skills and dedication to Sport Integrity.

Following a robust review, we expanded the 2022-2023 class in terms of both numbers and age range to ensure it is accessible to the broadest range of applicants. Building upon the objectives to cultivate an environment of Youth Leadership that is Youth Driven, the SYC has released in 2023 its first-evet report: “The SIGA Youth Council Survey: New Perceptions on Sport Integrity”, a result of months of extensive research and inclusive consultation, receiving nearly 100 respondents across different countries. The findings are available for download on SIGA’s website.

The SYC mission is to support SIGA’s global agenda on Sport Integrity with a Youth focus that is youth-driven.

SYC in numbers:

  • 2 Classes successfully graduated
  • 27 Young aspiring leaders engaged from several countries
  • 3 consecutive though-leadership participation on Sport Integrity Week
  • 100 respondents engaged in “The SIGA Youth Council Survey: New Perceptions on Sport Integrity”


Benefits include:

  • Develop leadership and advocacy skills, and set strategic goals including fundraising, social media campaigns, and partnerships
  • Expand networks in the sports industry including SIGA’s extensive global community
  • Opportunity to kick start a career pathway by applying for Internships at SIGA and with our members
  • Develop knowledge in the field of Sport Integrity and showcase abilities, skills, and dedication to the subject
  • Engage in SIGA’s broader thought leadership activities and events – including but not limited to the Sport Integrity Week, SIGA Youth Forum, Sport Integrity Journal, the #SIGAWoW show


What is involved?

The SYC members will devise an agenda throughout the 18-month term to deliver the mission with the aim of galvanising global youth. The agenda will be approved by SIGA and the SYC will be empowered to deliver.


The SYC Term will commence in July 2024. Key Milestones Include:

  • Appointment of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary
  • Establishment of an 18-Month Action Plan (goals, key deliverables, timeline)
  • Deliverables include:
    • Research: to design and deliver Integrity-related research projects, either independently or in collaboration
    • Policy: to design and deliver policy documents (e.g. SYC Youth Manifesto)
    • Public Speaking and Event Management: to engage at every level of the event management process from inception to delivery and beyond (e.g. SIW; SIGA Youth Forum)
    • Social Media: to design and implement SYC specific campaigns and / or be involved in the broader SIGA social media outputs
    • Podcasts & Interviews: to design and deliver audio and visual content such as 1-2-1 interviews, an SYC specific podcast and / or a broader SIGA variant
    • Stakeholder Relationships: to cultivate an SYC stakeholder network and deliver collaborative outputs
  • Definition of Roles and responsibilities, following key strategic areas: Business development; Advocacy / social campaigns; Comms / Marketing; Institutional Relations; Project Management; Research / Knowledge
  • Report of Activities

Please see here for the Terms of Reference before Applying.

Who Should Apply

 The SYC is designed for aspiring and early career young people (18-29) who are looking to acquire new skills, extend their professional network and acquire hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of Sport Integrity and Good Governance reform.

The diversity of opportunities and experiences that will be afforded to the successful candidates will enhance their knowledge, skill sets and provide access to exciting opportunities that will last far beyond their SYC tenure.

Criteria for Successful Candidates:

  • Keen interest in Sport and Sport Integrity
  • Positive and proactive attitude
  • Proactive spirit with the ability to work as a team and autonomously
  • Creative approaches to global problems
  • Time to dedicate to SYC activities and meetings


This framework has been specifically designed to ensure that all candidates will have the opportunity to flourish and showcase their talents to a global audience. We will support you every step of the way but we expect you to lead from the front and take advantage of every opportunity we will provide.

We are extremely excited to welcome the 2024-2025 class and look forward to working collaboratively together!.

How To Apply?


27 May 2024: Application Open

28 June 2024: Applications Close


Please click on the link below, complete the form and attach a CV, letter of recommendation and a short video (maximum 2 minutes) stating why you want to join the SYC.


The application process consists of the following stages:

  1. Assess candidate’s applications
  2. Virtual interview

Taylor Green, SYC Chair

Andelija Milovanovic, SYC Vice-Chair

Tomás Macedo de Medeiros, SYC Vice-chair

SIGA Youth Council Showcase