As supporters of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA), we acknowledge the fundamental challenges facing the integrity of sport and hereby proclaim our resolve to promote the highest standards of fair play in the administration of sport, particularly in the areas of good governance, financial integrity and sports betting integrity.

We support and will work towards creating a new era in sport, moving collectively to implement across the community of sport, SIGA’s Core Principles for Sport Integrity and the corresponding universal standards, which together demonstrate the commitment of all signatories to the highest and best role of sport in society.

The need for reform offers a unique opportunity to develop SIGA as a neutral and independent entity serving sport, supported by key stakeholders, who will ensure the adoption, implementation and monitoring of these Core Principles and Universal Standards.

Through the development of SIGA we will endeavour to preserve the integrity of sport, safeguarding its positive values and vital role for the benefit of all citizens and future generations.

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