Welcome to the 2021 Sport Integrity Week!

The Sport Integrity Week™ is aimed at promoting the implementation of the highest integrity standards at all levels and across all areas of Sport. 

Bringing together relevant industry leaders, decision-makers and top experts, the Sport Integrity Week™ offers a unique, powerful platform to raise awareness about the most critical challenges facing Sport and the wider industry, facilitate collective action and pave the way to the necessary reforms. 

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Sport Integrity Week™, the second edition will take place on an engaging digital platform allowing you to network with like minded peers.  The week comprises of live interactive panel discussions and will host a series of interviews and keynotes with some of the most senior leaders from the world of Sport. 

5 Days of exciting discussion:

Structured around 5 core themes, the second Sport Integrity Week™ offers insightful discussions, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. It will also promote best practice, enhance dialogue and cooperation, as well as instigate cultural, global approaches and action-oriented solutions. Join us! #SIW2021