SIGA Membership Fees

SIGA is an independent, neutral, not-for-profit, membership-based international organisation. We are not driven by any political motivation or commercial interests. Our mission is to usher sport into a new era by promoting, supporting and rating the implementation of a set of universally accepted standards on good governance, financial integrity, sports betting integrity and youth protection, across the whole sporting industry.

As set out in the SIGA Constitution, the funding of our coalition is comprised of several income sources. One of these income sources are the membership fees. All Members contribute to SIGA’s funding in accordance with their own means.

However, at SIGA, membership is about much more than just money. Members offer invaluable insight and expertise in a variety of areas, which, when combined together, form an effective coalition. The SIGA community works as a team, and no one member is more valuable than another. Because of this, SIGA believes that is important to offer equal rights and benefits to all members.

SIGA has divided annual membership fees into four bands outlined below. Members are encouraged to select the band that reflects their financial capacity. This way, SIGA ensures members benefit from the democracy of equal rights, whilst ensuring a proportionate, equitable and affordable contribution system and a guarantee that membership is financially accessible to all organisations.

The membership fees were unanimously approved by the SIGA’s supreme body, the General Assembly, on 31 January and 27 July 2017 and subsequently amended on 27 March 2019.

To continue enhancing SIGA’s governance and transparency in accordance with best practice, in 2022 the SIGA Council decided to publish the financial contributions received from each Member. You can access this information here.

This system is essential in ensuring SIGA’s financial sustainability, long-term development, independence and neutrality. SIGA members are the backbone of our success, and we are hugely grateful for their ongoing support.

2024 Membership Fees

Band AGBP 100,000
Band BGBP 75,000
Band CGBP 50,000
Band DGBP 25,000
Band EGBP 10,000
Band FGBP 5,000