SIGA Ethics Committee

SIGA Ethics Committee – Term 2023-2027

The SIGA Code of Ethics

1. Introduction

SIGA was established as a response to the need for fundamental reforms in sport, rooted in the core concepts of democracy, transparency, accountability, integrity and stakeholder representation. SIGA’s Declaration of Core Principles on Integrity in Sport embodies its commitment to these values. This Code of Ethics is a further expression of its ethos and is applicable to its staff and the organisation itself.

The Principles set out below are supplemented by a series of Policies that will be issued by the Council and updated from time to time as appropriate, to ensure they reflect SIGA’s commitment to high standards and best practices. At present, the following Policies are related to and form an integral part of this Code of Ethics:

– Anti-Corruption Policy
– Conflict of Interest Policy
– Gifts & Entertainment Policy

This Code of Ethics should be read and understood as a minimum standard of acceptable conduct. SIGA Staff have an obligation not only to abide by the Code of Ethics, but also to report violations of the Code of Ethics when they become aware of them.

Breaching this Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary measures up to and including termination of employment or removal from office.

2. Scope

The Principles set out in this Code apply to the SIGA organisation itself and everyone who works for SIGA, including, but not limited to, employees, directors, and Council Members (together ‘Staff’).

3. Council Members

Council Members’ actions must be dedicated to the promotion and development of SIGA’s values. They are SIGA’s external representatives of integrity at all times and in all their activities. Council Members are expected to conduct their affairs on a basis consistent with the trust that has been placed in by SIGA’s stakeholders. This requires their behaviour to conform to the highest standards of honesty, impartiality, equity and integrity when discharging their duties and responsibilities to SIGA.

4. Responsibilities


Adherence to these Principles is essential to SIGA’s activities, credibility and strategy. Senior staff in SIGA must lead by example and they have an increased responsibility to communicate the requirements of this Code to those who report to them.

The Council of SIGA is responsible for issuing these Principles and ensuring that sufficient resources are made available to enable them to be implemented throughout the organisation.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIGA is responsible for the implementation of the Principles and is supported in this task by the General Secretary and the Chair of the Ethics Committee

Senior management and supervisors are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of these Principles and are supported in this task by the SIGA administration.

Breaches of this Code must be reported to CEO and Chair of the Ethics Committee.

Staff who raise questions or issues of concern in good faith will be supported by SIGA. No staff member will be penalised for reporting in good faith breaches of these Principles or any other SIGA policies.

5. The Principles

5.1 General


a) Conducts its affairs with integrity, fairness and openness.

b) Respects and abides by the applicable laws and regulations in the countries where SIGA operates and wherever its staff undertake activities on behalf of SIGA.

c) Considers its staff as its strongest asset; they represent the ethos, ethical standards and values of the organisation through their work, when representing SIGA, and in dealings with others.

d) Is committed to providing a safe working environment based on trust, diversity, mutual respect and the rights of the individual.

e) Employment and promotion is solely on the basis of qualifications and ability in relation to the work to be carried out.

f) SIGA will conduct its operations in accordance with internationally accepted principles of good governance, and will provide timely, regular and reliable information on its activities, financial position and strategy to all its stakeholders.

g) Expects its business partners to adhere to principles that are consistent with these values.

h) Expects all staff to avoid personal and financial activities that could conflict with their obligations to SIGA.

i) Staff are prohibited from misusing their positions in the pursuit of improper personal gain for themselves or for any other person.

j) Respects the environment and will endeavour to ensure it abides by good practices and communicates these to staff.

5.2 Bribery and Corruption are Prohibited

SIGA does not give, receive, whether directly or indirectly, bribes or any other improper advantage in connection with any of its activities, or for business or financial gain.

No staff member may offer, give or receive any gift, payment or any other advantage that is, or may be construed, as a bribe.

Any request, demand or offer of a bribe must be refused immediately and reported at the earliest opportunity to senior management.

5.3 Political and Charitable Contributions

SIGA as an organisation is politically neutral. Contributions to political parties, politicians or candidates for office are private staff matters.

SIGA does not permit political donations to be made in the name of SIGA either directly or indirectly; this includes any form of contribution or donation in kind to any political party, politician or candidate for public office, or any person seeking appointment in any sporting organisation.

Charitable contributions shall only be made in accordance with this Code of Ethics and subject to the applicable approval procedures.

SIGA is permitted to receive donations from charities, foundations and similar organizations as well as from its members and private sources provided these are all properly accounted for in SIGA’s books according to international accounting standards.

5.4 Accurate Books and Records

All accounting records and supporting documents must be accurately maintained and reflect and describe the associated transaction. No undisclosed accounts, funds or any other assets will be established or maintained.

6. How to raise concerns and obtain advice

SIGA will provide transparent, fair and confidential procedures for employees to raise concerns and will examine all concerns that are raised in good faith appropriately and fairly.

7. Signature by Staff

Staff will be required to read and sign acknowledgement of this Code on an annual basis to indicate that they have understood and are committed to abiding by its requirements.

Annual Affirmation by SIGA staff member:

I (insert name) hereby confirm that I have read and understood the SIGA Code of Conduct and will abide by it at all times, I further confirm that I understand that failure to abide by the Code may result in disciplinary proceedings up to and including termination of employment:

Signature and date.