Anti-Corruption Week 2023

Corruption is widespread and deep-rooted. It is a global, complex and sophisticated phenomenon, and often involves transnational organised crime. Sport is not immune to this complex issue, and that is why SIGA will host, for the second consecutive year, the Anti-Corruption Week (9-15 December), coinciding with the International Anti-Corruption Day.

From the 9-15 December SIGA is mobilising all its members, committed supporters and all like-minded individuals and organizations to participate in the Alliance’s Anti-Corruption Week. This crucial week will comprise a wide range of initiatives aimed at addressing the most critical challenges, promote best practice, enhance cooperation and instigate the implementation of the most urgent and effective reforms, both at national and international level.

Special Session on Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Sport

Join us for a special session organized jointly with the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) during #COSP10. Entitled “Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Sport”, this thought leadership event is part of the COSP10 official agenda, and underscores the decisive importance of safeguarding Sport from corruption on a global scale and the growing threat of criminal infiltration.

Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

A SIGA high level delegation will participate in in the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (#COSP10), taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. This Conference demonstrates SIGA’s on-going commitment to engaging with like-minded states and organizations to prevent and combat corruption in Sport, building on SIGA’s recommendations that were adopted by the Italian G20 Presidency in 2021.

Inception Meeting of the SIGA Permanent Committee on Anti-Corruption in Sport

To celebrate Anti-Corruption Week, we’ve scheduled the inception meeting of the SIGA Permanent Committee on Anti-Corruption in Sport for 12 December. This high-level expert group will play a crucial role in our ongoing efforts.

Side With SIGA to Fight Corruption in Sport: Ending Corruption in Sport – Video Series

Global leaders and top experts share their insights on anti-corruption in Sport through accessible discussion videos. These thought-provoking, action-oriented discussions will be shared on both SIGA’s and its partner platforms, driving awareness and highlighting potential solutions.

Sport Integrity Journal – 4th edition

SIGA will launch the 4th edition of this influential publication, which is dedicated to Good Governance in Sport. Explore articles and interviews with some of the world’s most prominent leaders and knowledgeable experts in the field.