SIGA is a global multi-stakeholder coalition of like-minded organisations that bring together all sides of the Sport Industry to push for Sport Integrity to prevent incidents of corruption.

The heart of SIGA’s reform agenda is out in a set of Universal Standards on Sport Integrity. They cover four key areas:

  • Good Governance in Sport
  • Financial Integrity and Transparency
  • Sport Betting Integrity
  • Youth Development and Protection

Significantly, these standards are not to be kept in a drawer, they have been created to be implemented.

SIGA carries out a range of training, education, and capacity building to supports sports organisations’ continuous governance journeys to prepare them to go through the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System otherwise known as SIRVS.

SIRVS is a service to the Sport Industry. It’s a positive effort to enhance standards across the world of Sport, to safeguard its values, to ensure a viable and sustainable industry that is worthy of the public’s trust.





Welcome to the dynamic world of Sports Governance where excellence meets accountability! Embrace the evolution with the latest 2023 edition of the Universal Standards on Sport Integrity by SIGA – your compass to a sports realm characterized by unwavering integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Beyond Words: Living Standards

Our Universal Standards are not just words on paper; they are a living, breathing guide for collaboration. Crafted through extensive research and expert consultation, SIGA standards resonate with global best practices, acknowledging the diverse landscape of sports organizations worldwide. They reflect and embrace existing international benchmarks and evolving best practices already implemented by a range of relevant bodies in and around sport.

Tailored Progress: Your Journey through Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by sports organizations, we’ve paved a flexible pathway to excellence. Embrace, adopt, and implement the Universal Standards at your pace, progressing through three phases – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – symbolizing good, better, and best practices.

Global Reality Check: Get SIRVS certification

Embarking on the journey post-Universal Standards adoption is just the beginning. Enter the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS), a cornerstone in SIGA’s ecosystem propelling sport and the broader sporting industry into a new era of heightened governance, integrity, transparency, and accountability. In essence, SIRVS stands as the pivotal game changer the sports industry needs!

SIRVS was designed to evaluate and rate sports organizations’ adherence and implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards. It’s the assurance sponsors and investors seek, providing certainty that their commitments are shielded from the looming threat of reputational damage. SIRVS isn’t merely a monitor; it’s your safeguard, ensuring your organization aligns with the highest standards while building trust in the competitive world of sports.

Join the Movement: A Unified Front for Integrity

Let’s stand together for the love of the game! The Universal Standards on Sport Integrity are not just a set of guidelines; they’re a call to action. Embrace the challenge, champion integrity, and let’s build a sports world that resonates with the highest standards of democracy, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

The SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity are a commitment to excellence and provide a roadmap to Integrity. Embrace the change, join our Global Movement!