The Universal Standards

  • Key tool to help drive positive change in sports governance and integrity
  • Creates a framework for wide-ranging discussion and consultation
  • Inclusive of all relevant stakeholders
  • Embraces existing research and benchmarks established good practice
  • Recognises the individual circumstances, issues, resources and capabilities of sports bodies, stakeholder groups and countries
  • Introduces three-phase implementation process: Bronze, Silver and Gold


The initial version of the Universal Standards is a living document that aims to provide a detailed, practical and helpful framework for further consultation with sports governing bodies, governments, and regulatory authorities, associated commercial interests and other stakeholders in sport. SIGA is working to ensure the Universal Standards will ultimately result in the adoption and promotion of the highest standards of democracy, integrity, transparency and accountability across every area of sports governance and in every sport where there is a betting market.

The Universal Standards are the result of significant research and expert consultation. They reflect and embrace existing international benchmarks and evolving best practices already implemented by a range of relevant bodies in and around sport.

Critically, the Universal Standards reflect the realities of global sport today. They recognise the concerns and circumstances of individual sports organisations and the differences in their resources, capabilities and capacity, all of which have an impact on the ability to make positive governance changes to a rigid timeline.

Sports organisations will be encouraged to embrace, adopt and implement the Universal Standards according to their individual abilities, following a pathway through three phased levels of implementation – Bronze, Silver and Gold – reflecting good, better and best practice.

Following consultation and adoption of the standards, participating organisations will be monitored against the Universal Standards. This monitoring will create a benchmark to allow the tracking of progress to identify areas in which help may be needed to further strengthen governance structures and systems.

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