26 July 2019, Geneva

31 January 2018, Rome

  • Election of SIGA CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros
  • Election of the new SIGA Council, including Vice-Chairs
  • Election of Audit & Compliance Committee and Ethics Committee
  • Admission of new SIGA Members (Mastercard, Qatar Airways, Stockholm University and Starlizard) and SIGA Committed Supporters (European Sponsorship Association, IBLF Global and Swedish Athletics)

27 July 2017, Lisbon

  • Appointment of SIGA’s independent Chair, Franco Frattini, Justice and Chamber President to the Italian Supreme Administrative Court

31 January 2017, London

  • SIGA officially incorporated as a legal entity
  • SIGA Constitution signed by 30 Founding Members and Founding Committed Supporters

13 September 2016, Cascais

  • Approval of SIGA Universal Standards first draft
  • Approval of SIGA Constitution

15 June 2016, Paris

  • Approval of SIGA Concept
  • Appointment of SIGA ad Interim Council and Coordinator
  • Approval of Co-Chairs of Steering and Working Groups

7 April 2016, Madrid

  • Over 50 organisations sign Declaration of Core Principles and Statement of Intent
  • Launch of SIGA as a global, independent and neutral sport integrity body

18 February 2016, London

  • First SIGA General Meeting (ICAEW)
  • Draft Statement of Intent & Declaration of Core Principles

2 November 2015, New York

  • Agreement to develop a Sport Integrity Global Alliance