Research is aimed at better understanding young adults’ perceptions of sport integrity

The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and the SIGA Youth Council (SYC) are pleased to jointly announce the launch of a research project that endeavors to better understand young adults’ perceptions of the term sport integrity as well as to assess how SIGA’s Universal Standards and other initiatives resonate with individuals ages 18-30.

To engage with young professionals worldwide, the Youth Council will collaborate with SIGA, its Members and Committed Supporters, Media Partners, and the SIGA University Network (SUN) to distribute this survey in the hopes of reaching  as many young people as possible from around the globe. The survey will inquire what sport integrity means to respondents, which initiatives SIGA is advancing that most align with young adults, and which initiatives are opportunities for improvement, evolution and continued exploration. Reflecting the linguistic diversity of the SIGA Youth Council and in a proactive effort to make the survey as globally accessible as possible, the survey is available below in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Serbian.

The Youth Council will utilize SIGA’s extensive network to distribute a report analyzing findings from the project, highlighting the triumphs of SIGA’s initiatives concerning young adults and what areas of focus SIGA should better engage with emerging leaders. The Youth Council anticipates publishing its findings during Sport Integrity Week 2023 in September 2023, coupled with a summary report in Sport Integrity Journal.

In anticipation of the project launch, SIGA Youth Council Chair, Taylor Green, commented:

From our first convening, it was apparent this was a group of leaders striving to make a difference. Organizations frequently discuss young adults without asking them about their views or including them in crafting initiatives. We hope to gain new insights about young adults’ relationship with sport integrity and how SIGA can accelerate its efforts to authentically engage with individuals at such an impressionable time in their lives”.

Dr Iain Lindsay, Senior Director of Research, Knowledge and Innovation at SIGA added:

At SIGA we believe that it is fundamental to empower the next generation of Sport Integrity Leaders to encourage them to play an active role in shaping the future as they envision it to be. This was the overarching mandate for the SIGA Youth Council. It is a testament to their convictions, capacities and their proactive nature that this SIGA Youth Council have launched this research project to better capture the key insights and perspectives of the World’s Youth in relation to Sport Integrity. The results will not only be informative and insightful in their own right but they will enable SIGA to grow and evolve to build upon this insight as we continue to support the Youth Council with their endeavors. I would encourage all that read this to share the survey links as widely as possible to ensure as many young people as possible have the opportunity to participate.


Links to access the survey can be found here in the following languages:





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