SIGA launches today its 2020 Edition of the SIGA Universal Standards on Good Governance, Financial Integrity and Sports Betting Integrity and corresponding Implementation Guidelines. This second edition is the result of a thorough review process developed together with the British Standards Institution (BSI), whom successfully tendered for the role of independent third party to conduct the audit of the sports organisations’ level of compliance with, and implementation of, the SIGA Universal Standards.

Over many months, SIGA and BSI have made an extraordinary effort to review, update and further enhance the SIGA Universal Standards to ensure they are capable of being audited against in order to commence the pilot phase of SIRVS. Simultaneously, the standards were updated to ensure they are cutting edge and evolve at the same rate as best practice does in the field of governance and integrity standards.

As part of the process and in compliance with good governance practices, SIGA subsequently launched an extensive four-month consultation period, providing thorough explanations about every innovation introduced and respective impact, and granted each Member, Committed Supporter and member of their internal organs the opportunity to raise any questions, clarify any possible doubt and contribute with relevant inputs.

The 2020 Edition of the SIGA Universal Standards remains, not only the sole set of independent universal standards applicable to the sporting industry, but indeed the most robust, advanced and comprehensive in this field.

Speaking about the latest edition of the SIGA Universal Standards and SIRVS, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of SIGA and Chairman and CEO of SIGA AMERICA commented:

“It is now or never for sports organisations to reform and get their house in order. The second edition of the SIGA Universal Standards have been carefully reviewed in partnership with the British Standards Institute. It is the only existing independent benchmark to assess sports organisations’ level of compliance with, and implementation of, the best in class governance and integrity standards.

In today’s world, actions speak louder than words. It’s simply not enough for sports organisations to proclaim they are fit for purpose. The sponsors, the broadcasters, the governments, the millions of fans out there and all those who invest their money and their reputation in sport are done with words. They want evidence and independent scrutiny – and that’s what a global multi-billion-dollar industry as Sport must deliver them now. I therefore encourage all sports organisations to get ahead of the curve and lead by example. I encourage them to adopt the SIGA Universal Standards and be one of the pioneers to go through the pilot phase of SIRVS.”

Steven Wilson, Business Development Manager of the British Standards Institution, stated:

“BSI is delighted to be chosen as the partner to work on implementing SIGA’s Rating and Verification System. We are honoured to be associated with this vital initiative and BSI looks forward to playing its part in transforming the integrity of global sports.”

This is the 12th in a set of 30th boosting measures and initiatives being announced and developed by SIGA as part of the Alliance’s global campaign #SIGASTRIVES.

SIGA STRIVES Measure 13 will be announced on Thursday 23rd April! Stay tuned.