The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is delighted to announce the appointment of key figures to six of its newly established Permanent Committees. These committees comprise an exceptional selection of 70 high-profile global leaders, senior executives and top experts from various sectors, ensuring world-class thought leadership and robust multi-industry representation.


Whilst the office of member of the SIGA Permanent Committees is exerted on a personal basis as a rule, they come from a wide and diverse institutional background. Sports representatives include national and international organisations, such as the European Swimming League (LEN), FIFA, UEFA, AFC, European Leagues, FIFPRO, IMMAF, United States League, CBDN, São Paulo FC, Stoke City Women, Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee, Ponta Delgada FA, amongst so many others.


Significant government representation further cements the commitment of public authorities to promote and further enhance integrity in Sport. This demonstrates the growing political will to eradicate harmful practices and criminal infiltration within the sector.


Prominent organisations from the global sports business industry, such as global sponsors, high profile broadcasters, influential marketing agencies and media are also represented. This includes SIGA’s founding member Mastercard, Octagon, C6 Bank, M&T Bank, TATA CS, Underdog & Co, Under Armour, Globo TV, Eurovision Sport, Mediapro, The Times of India and Inside World Football, to name but a few.


Invaluable experience accumulated over the years at leading financial and anti-corruption institutions, including the United States IRS, Dow Jones, International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), International Coalition Against Illicit Economies (ICAIE) and OECD, also lend invaluable support and capability to the realisation of SIGA’s vision and reform agenda.


Additionally, organisations such as Esports Integrity Coalition, Gamban, Epic Risk Management, Lisbon’s Holy House of Mercy, World Esports Consortium or International Gaming Institute, amongst others, provide thought leadership in areas such as sports betting integrity and prevention of gambling addiction.


As integral components of SIGA’s organic structure, the Permanent Committees play a pivotal role in shaping SIGA’s policies and fostering best practices, policies and much needed integrity reforms. By focusing on their respective strategic areas, they foster knowledge exchange and information sharing, while offering expert advice, proposals and recommendations to SIGA’s Council and Global CEO.


Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA Global CEO, warmly welcomed the new Committee members:


We are proud to welcome all new Committee members to our Global Alliance. Our Permanent Committees are the engines that will drive and energise SIGA’s reform agenda and to boost the cultural change we are propelling. Coming from the world of sport, government, law enforcement and international organisations, as well as from global business and civil society, the new Committee members bring a unique breath of global leadership and a wealth of unrivalled expertise to further enable us to tackle the increasing integrity challenges facing the global sporting industry. Together, we will drive collective action and speed up the much-needed integrity reforms, worldwide.”


The six SIGA Permanent Committees unveiled today will deal with matters pertaining to the following critical topics:


  • Good Governance in Sport
  • Anti-Corruption in Sport
  • Gender, Race, Inclusion and Diversity in Sport
  • Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport
  • Sports Betting Integrity
  • Sponsorship, Media and Sport Integrity


As a rule, each of SIGA’s nine advisory Permanent Committees may be composed of up to 15 members of recognised expertise in relevant fields.  Each Permanent Committee is led by two Co-Chairs, being one male and another female, in line with SIGA’s gender balance rule. Altogether, the newly appointed Committee members represent 20 different nationalities.


For more information about the above-mentioned SIGA Permanent Committees, including the respective List of Members and Terms of Reference, click .


Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the remaining three Permanent Committees:


  • Youth Development and Protection in Sport
  • Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Sport
  • Technology, Innovation and Sport Integrity



SIGA is the world’s leading organisation for Sport Integrity. We are creating a whole new landscape for the sports industry by delivering independent global rating and certification for world Sport to ensure it is governed and operates under the highest integrity standards: The SIGA Universal Standards.

Funded by our Members, SIGA is a non for profit global independent organisation with one aim: To ensure the sport  industry is governed under the highest integrity standards so that the values of sport are protected.

SIGA is the only organisation to bring together sport, governments, academia, international organisations, sponsors, business, rights holders, NGOs and professional services companies, from every region in the world, around a common cause of fostering greater integrity throughout sport.

SIGA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as a non for-profit association, and comprises of the following continental subsidiaries: SIGA AMERICA, SIGA EUROPE and SIGA LATIN AMERICA.

For more information on SIGA, including its vision, mission and reform agenda, please refer to the website: and FAQs.

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