Read the highlights of SIGA’s Global CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros interview with Globo Esporte

SIGA’s Global CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros visited Brazil last week, and participated in high-level governmental and multi-stakeholder meetings, with the aim of contributing to the debate on the most pressing issues facing Sport in the country.

During the visit, he was interviewed by media giants Globo, and saw the interview being published in Portuguese (read it here),

Read below for highlights.

Adequate regulation in gambling: why is it important?

“Without adequate regulation in sports gambling, we open the door to clandestine gambling, illegal gambling, infiltration by criminal organizations, and to the negative impact this has on society and the economy. Therefore, appropriate, modern, and effective regulation is essential. Better late than never. This means that Brazil is, in many aspects, five or more years behind.”

“It is a debate that is crucial for the future of football in Brazil. It is almost paradoxical and incomprehensible that this debate is still ongoing when it was already concluded about 20 years ago in many nations and the major leagues. I urge governments and all stakeholders to set aside what divides them. Only by doing so can we make a difference and implement reforms that also entail a cultural shift. Winning for the sake of winning is not what sport is about. Winning with dignity, that is what sports are truly about.”

Sport integrity must prevail over economic interests

“How can entities that are not licensed in Brazil offer sports betting services in this territory without any criteria or concern to safeguard minors, who are extremely vulnerable and sensitive and deserve enhanced protection? The origin of the money is unknown, the ultimate beneficiaries are unknown, the owners are unknown, the company is unknown, the individuals behind these companies are unknown, the shareholders are unknown, the true owners of these offshore-based companies are unknown. Economic interests should not take precedence over the integrity of sports because without integrity there is no sport, and without sport, this entire sector does not exist. Fans do not believe in it, sponsors do not believe in it. This is something that SIGA and all organisations within our coalition cannot accept.”

Ensuring credibility: the imperative for a modern regulatory framework in the sports betting sector

“The credibility of an entire economic sector is at stake, which has unprecedented annual growth rates, with enormous potential but also significant challenges. When it comes to sports betting, it is often associated with the worst fears and scandals (of match-fixing) that have come to light. However, I have always believed that battles are won in advance. This means that we need an appropriate, modern, agile, and efficient legislative and regulatory framework.”

SIGA at the forefront in assisting the regulation of sports betting

“SIGA and SIGA LATIN AMERICA are part of a working group, by invitation from the government, that will collaborate in the drafting of regulations for the sports betting sector. We have placed trust in the government officials leading this process and reaffirm our willingness and commitment to contribute positively towards reaching a successful outcome.”




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