SIGA’s Global CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros delivered a powerful  speech during the OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum that is being held in Paris this week.

Speaking to a vast audience of anti-corruption leaders, SIGA’s Global CEO emphasised the key role played by OECD and the significance of its Zero Corruption Manifesto’,  announcing  SIGA’s commitment to fully implementing it: “The first sentence of the Zero Corruption Manifesto could not be more eloquent: ‘Corruption undermines democracy, public policy and markets and constitutes the major hindrance to sustainable development’. I dare to go beyond, because corruption undermines and erodes trust. We are not only willing to sign the Zero Corruption Manifesto, but we also are willing and committed to practise it, to bring it to life, because we need leadership, we need guidance, we need a road map that ensures that we all flow towards the same direction so that there is respect for the rule of law“, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros stated.

The Racing to Zero – Education and Digitalisation as Enablers in Fighting Corruption event shed light on the crucial role of education and digital technologies in combating corruption globally. SIGA’s Global CEO used strong words to illustrate the gravity of the issue: “Corruption is big, widespread and deep-rooted. It is much more complex and sophisticated than most can imagine, and it definitely involves an increasing component of transnational organised crime. We, at SIGA stand for a sector that deserves to be treated with respect and credibility, but for that, Sport must lead by example and safeguard its own integrity.”

During the event, senior representatives from the OECD and the global business community convened to discuss innovative strategies for tackling corruption, specifically focusing on the roles of education and digital technologies. Nicola Allocca, Director of Risk Management, Compliance, and Business Continuity at Autostrade per l’Italia, and Chair of the Business at OECD Anti-Corruption Committee moderated the session.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros reinforced SIGA is committed “to meaningful, positive, constructive, action-oriented, reform driven change” and showcased SIGA’s integrity solutions : “Every time the world neglects  Sport, we are inviting organised crime and criminal syndicates to take advantage of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the system. Just like Sport is played under the lights and in front of millions, it must also be governed and operated as such, with integrity, transparency and accountability. We need leadership. We need your engagement. Fortunately, we don’t need to reinvent the silver bullet. SIGA developed the SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity, and they provide the recipe and the antidote that can truly shield this magnificent industry and sector of activity. We also have the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS), which is the ultimate test to those organisations who want to show, not with words but with actions, that they are fit for purpose and deserve everyone’s trust.

Following Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros’ intervention, Nicola Alloca gave floor to Emiliano Di Carlo, Professor, Department of Management and Law, University of Rome, and General Counsel, Snam S.p.A, emphasising that “education is key to fight corruption”.

Di Carlo then started by stating he was inspired by previous speakers, including SIGA’s CEO, for mentioning words like “leadership, trust, human vulnerability, lead by example”, among others. “Those are fundamental terms for us in the University of Rome when dealing with these topics”.

Erik Veltman, Head of Compliance, Rolls-Royce, has also shown total alignment with SIGA’s views, and shared with the audience that the company created a tool to fight corruption in business: “Transparency and trust are key. So we’ve put our code of conduct, behaviors, and values into an app. This way, when we are talking with stakeholders, governments, or suppliers, it’s always available whenever there is a difficult conversation around sales or supplier contracts.”

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