The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) has just announced SIGA Member, EPIC Global Solutions (EPIC) as one of the session partners for the 2024 edition of the Summit on Female Leadership in Sport. This prestigious event will once again be hosted by Mastercard and is scheduled to take place in New York on 6 March 2024.

EPIC will partner with SIGA in a panel focused on Sports Betting Integrity, showcasing women leading the way on this topic as well as addressing the challenges women’s sport faces in relation to these issues.

A globally leading voice on minimizing gambling-related harm, EPIC work with several major sporting brands around the world to educate, advise and consult on reducing the risks associated with all forms of wagering. The NCAA, MLB, NFLPA PAF and MLSPA are among their major clients in the US, while key competitions and organizations that they partner with on the other side of the Atlantic include the EFL, Premiership Rugby, RFU, RPA and PCA.

The annual SIGA Summit on Female Leadership in Sport is a key component of the SIGAWomen Programme that aims to close the gender gap in relation to the number of women represented on the board of sports organizations globally. Hosted in the same week as International Women’s Day, this one-day event unlocks the power of networking, learning, and mobilising the sports community to commit to integrity and gender equity both on and off the field of play.

Martin Bland, director of business development at EPIC Global Solutions and a member of SIGA’s Sports Betting Integrity Committee, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

We’re delighted to be supporting SIGA’s Summit on Female Leadership in Sport, which will provide us with a fantastic platform to help inform the sporting community about the ongoing challenges that gambling harm can pose to their people and competitions.

The issue of gambling within women’s sport remains under-discussed compared to men’s competitions, but we hope to take this opportunity to show that it’s an issue that doesn’t discriminate by gender and that there are solutions and support available to try and negate the issue among female athletes and professionals in elite sport.

Katie Simmonds, SIGA’s Global COO and Managing Director of SIGAWomen, extended a warm welcome to EPIC Global Solutions:

We are excited that SIGA Member EPIC Global Solutions is partnering with SIGAWomen on the session dedicated to Sports Betting Integrity at the upcoming SIGA Summit. Not only is this topic one of SIGA’s key areas of reform, but often, women’s sport is left behind in the conversations. This panel will showcase the women leading the charge in this field in the US in both men and women’s sport, as well as address the threats sports betting poses on the women’s game and the solutions. Do not miss it!”

Save the date for this influential summit on March 6th, 2024, as SIGA continues its mission to promote integrity, good governance, and inclusivity in the world of sports.

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