The 2023/2024 cycle of the SIGA Women Global Mentorship Programme concluded today with a special bonus session, “Building a Personal Brand in the Sports Industry,” featuring speakers such as Barbara Cardilli, CEO & Founder, Labcardi; Elda Gjoka, CEO & Founder, Genuine Effect; Karen Webb Moss, Chair, British Swimming Association, Chair & Advisor, More Than Equal; and Katie Simmonds, Managing Director of the SIGA Women Programme.

This session marks the end of an enriching eight-month journey for 150 women from around the world. 75 high-level mentors were paired with 75 mentees, forming personal connections, sharing career advice, and inspiring aspiring female leaders in the sports industry. The diverse group had participants from 29 nationalities and 97 organizations across all continents. All were paired, engaged in individual mentoring sessions, and attended eight digital expert sessions covering:

  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership and Integrity
  • Athlete Transition
  • Good Governance in Sport
  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in Sport
  • Mental Health
  • Male Champions
  • Building a Personal Brand in the Sports Industry

The collaboration with SIGA also enabled mentees to participate in SIGA initiatives, such as the SIGA Women Masterclass and the SIGA Women Summit on Female Leadership in New York, in March 2024. Additionally, the programme facilitated opportunities for mentees to collaborate with SIGA, and one mentee was even accepted as an intern.

Applications Open for the 5th Cycle

Applications for the 5th cycle of the programme are now open until July 31, 2024. Benefits for participants include:

  • Eight Group Digital Workshops with high-profile guest speakers
  • Pairing with a #SIGAWomen Global Mentor for up to six bilateral sessions
  • Complimentary Digital Pass for the Summit on Female Leadership in Sport 2025
  • Complimentary digital participation in SIGA’s flagship thought leadership event, Sport Integrity Week
  • Access to high-profile global senior leaders in sport
  • Opportunity to network with global peers and forge long-lasting relationships within the industry
  • Opportunity to apply for an internship at SIGA
  • Digital Certificate

The programme is available for women aged 24 and over. To apply, click on the Mentee Application Form on SIGA’s website and upload your CV. For those in full-time employment, a symbolic administrative fee of £300.00 will be charged, payable by the mentee or their employer. Unemployed applicants or those in full-time education can apply for a limited number of scholarships. All funds are reinvested into the #SIGAWomen Programme to promote gender equity in sports organizations’ boardrooms.

For more information on the Programme, click here

To become a SIGAWomen  Mentor, click here



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