The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is delighted to announce the prestigious Italian law firm LP Avvocati as the newest organization to join our global coalition for Sport Integrity. The addition of this leading Italian-base legal firm follows the recent inclusion of the Portuguese professional football club Vitória Sport Clube, in 2024, while other significant announcements are imminent.

LP Avvocati‘s membership with SIGA marks a milestone in expanding the Alliance’s reach and influence in Italy and across Europe. This collaboration will focus on strengthening legal and ethical standards in Sport within Italy and internationally, and engaging in educational and capacity-building initiatives, particularly in legal aspects concerning Sport Integrity.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, Global CEO of SIGA, expressed welcomed the new Member and stated:

The inclusion of LP Avvocati, as the first Italian organization to formally become a Member of SIGA, is a landmark moment in our mission to uphold Sport Integrity in the country and worldwide.

The challenges facing Italian Sport are well known. They have been splashed on every front page and on every TV. No-one can remain indifferent. We, at SIGA, are resolved to tackle them heads on.

Yes, we enjoy positive dialogue and constructive cooperation with the Government and other public and law enforcement authorities, as well as with the sport’s movement and business community – who, by the way, has been supporting Italian Sport in a very big way. But, in the light of the recurrent and ongoing incidents, which are only getting bigger, increasingly frequent and complex, often involving national and transnational organized crime, it’s obvious that we need a better, bolder and more efficient approach. We need a formal pact with all key stakeholders and a truly robust, reform driven and solution-oriented formal partnership with all organizations that really mean business.

LP Avvocati’s commitment to these principles and priorities is crucial. As we continue to expand our influence and drive positive change in the sports industry globally, their legal expertise will greatly contribute to our collective efforts. On behalf of SIGA, I therefore welcome them on board and encourage other organizations, from all corners of the globe, to walk the walk and join us in our relentless pursuit of Integrity in Sport”.

Roberto Fiore, Partner, LP Avvocati, added:

LP Avvocati shares the same values and objectives as SIGA, and we are pleased to join its global platform and give our contribution as Italian legal experts.

We have been following SIGA’s activities for a couple of years now and we really appreciate its strength and ability in sharing the values of inclusion and non-discrimination.

We are convinced that our experience in anti-corruption, compliance and sports law can be a useful tool to spread together with SIGA the culture of fair play and integration both in Italy and all over the world.

Our membership came at a very suitable time: Italian sports institutions are increasingly understanding the importance of compliance together with the issue of the protection of minorities. Recently, sports Federations released guidelines for the drafting and adoption of specific compliance programmes for the prevention of any kind of discrimination (against minors, women, etc.). This is a brand-new frontier in sports compliance that we are deepening into and that we will surely share within the SIGA circuit”.


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LP Avvocati is a cooperative firm of professionals, a structure which also reflects in the vehicle adopted a willingness to work together through the sharing of specialist skills at the service of clients.

The Firm assists leading national and international companies in the fields of compliance, sport law and criminal law. LP Avvocati has also developed a Corporate M&A practice capable of assisting clients in all matters connected to extraordinary transactions and to the financial aspects. Based in Rome, the firm operates with a team of around 30 resources, between professionals and staff”.


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