Twenty-four hours after signing a large-scale Memorandum of Understanding with the Brazilian Federal Government, SIGA has further strengthened its vital role in the largest and most populated country in Latin America by signing in Brasilia a groundbreaking Cooperation Agreement with the Brazilian Congress, represented by the Parliamentary Front for the Modernization of Football.

Following the signing ceremony of this Cooperation Agreement, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA’s Global CEO and Chairman and CEO of SIGA LATIN AMERICA, announced the launch of “The Independent Study on The Future of Football in Brazil”, in cooperation with the Parliamentary Front for the Modernisation of Football, led by Congressman Eduardo Bandeira de Mello.

The groundbreaking project was received with unanimous and enthusiastic support by the vast audience attending the Public Hearing in the Congress, in Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia, as part of the ongoing Sport Integrity Week 2023.

Confronted with increasing challenges and reputational issues, Brazilian football is at delicate crossroads. SIGA’s Independent Study on the Future of Football in Brazil will provide the much-needed independent, neutral and rigorous diagnosis of football’s current state of affairs and propose the most adequate reforms to ensure the aimed long-term, sustainable development. The Study will be carried out in a strictly independent, neutral and inclusive fashion, engaging all key stakeholders and relevant authorities, from the CBF and state federations, clubs, players, coaches and referees, to sponsors, broadcasters, commercial partners, media and fans.

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on the Future of Brazilian Football presentation

The Independent Study will be led SIGA LATIN AMERICA, with the support of SIGA and the Parliamentary Front for the Modernisation of Football.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros’ vast experience, with 30 years of senior leading roles at club, league and international level – from General Director of the Portuguese Football League to founder and CEO of the European and World Leagues for a decade, including senior advisory at UEFA, FIFA, European Union, Council of Europe, World Economic Forum, OECD, B20 and other international organisations – resonated during the Public Hearing. Many congressmen and football industry leaders asked for inputs on topics that SIGA’s Global CEO dealt in Europe and globally, and that are now in the limelight in Brazil.

Commenting the significance and key objectives of the Independent Study on The Future of Football In Europe. Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros stated:

Brazilian Football can’t afford to waste more time. If it truly wants to enhance its reputation, restore its credibility and strengthen its global appeal in what is an increasingly competitive and fast-paced global industry, the need for action is greater than ever.  The birthplace of Garrincha, Pelé, Ronaldo, Marta and so many other mythical legends who have elevated football to the condition of art, home “Joga Bonito” and holder of 5 World Cups, Brazil cannot be left behind. It must grasp this unmissable window of opportunity and implement long overdue reforms.

 We will start from scratch, with a blank piece of paper Without dogmas, tabus and preconceived ideas. We will address all crucial topics, and follow an independent, neutral and inclusive approach.

With positive spirit, constructive attitude and reformist vein, this Independent Study, the first of its kind in Brazil, will provide a comprehensive, rigorous diagnosis of the current situation and a clear roadmap for the future”.

 Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, President of the Parliamentary Front for the Modernisation of Football, added:

This Public Hearing was enriching, and we are enthused to have signed this agreement with SIGA. We will deliver together, in the next 12 months, this study that will focus on all areas influencing Brazilian football. As the following steps of this process, new public hearings will be held, giving everyone the opportunity to participate. This is great news for Brazilian Football, and its fans!

 Renildo Calheiros, president of the congress Sub-Commission for the Modernisation of Football, shared the optimism:

“SIGA has a vast experience, and track record of work done to implement transparency and best practices in Football. We look forward to cooperating with SIGA and thank them for lending their support and unrivalled expertise on such crucial and vital matters”.




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