The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is partnering with Inside World Football on two exciting new initiatives “4 Questions for 4 Leaders” and a monthly “Sport Integrity Bulletin”, in order to promote Sport Integrity during the coronavirus crisis.

At a time when sport is now shut down, there is a vacuum of sport content in the news and a need for the positive values of “Clean Sport” to be showcased and exemplified by sporting leaders across the globe as a dynamo for positive action.

The series “4 Questions for 4 Leaders” will kick off with a focus on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon the sport movement and reactions from four Presidents of National Olympic Committees across the world. Other topics in the pipeline include how the sponsorship community is dealing with the coronavirus situation, the priorities of the leaders at the forefront of the fight against corruption in sport, as well as the main concerns and initiatives being prompted by the leaders of the football structures, to name but a few.

The first edition of the monthly “Sport Integrity Bulletin” will be released in April 2020.

#SIGASTRIVES is a global campaign designed to overcome adversity, generate social engagement and ensure progress in the field of sports integrity during the current Coronavirus pandemic. This is the sixth in a set of thirty boosting measures and initiatives announced by SIGA as part of the Alliance’s new global campaign #SIGASTRIVES.

Stressing the significance of the partnership with Inside World Football and the projects to be developed by both entities, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of SIGA and Chairman and CEO of SIGA AMERICA, stated: “We must take this global health crisis and incoming economic downturn seriously. Simultaneously we must continue pushing for Sport Integrity. Sport – Clean Sport – will be one of the main psychologic, social and economic drivers of the post-Coronavirus era. But for that to happen we must keep on striving. Organised crime and unscrupulous individuals are not taking time off. So, why would we?”.

Paul Nicholson, Editor in Chief at Inside World Football stated: “Sports integrity is not something to be worn as a badge of convenience, it is an ongoing process that has to evolve, educate, encourage better and best practice. Part of that is communicating information and activity – good and bad – covering a vast topic area from financial fraud and the involvement of criminal gangs, to match manipulation and sports betting integrity, discrimination, safeguarding, and honest and fair sports federation governance. The bulletin and SIGA’s access to key industry figures will allow us to build an important news and information resource. This will in turn build community and debate common values and initiatives.”

SIGA STRIVES Measure 7 will be announced on 2 April 2020. Stay tuned.