SIGA, the world´s largest independent coalition in the field of Sport’s Governance and Integrity, is inviting the global Sports industry to unite and participate in Sport Integrity Week 2023 – #SIW2023, taking place from multiple locations around the world between 4th to 8th of September. 

This fourth edition of SIGA’s flagship thought leadership event will offer a range of invaluable opportunities for all Sport Stakeholders to take centre stage and step up their efforts for Sport Integrity.

During five consecutive working days, the #SIW2023 represents an unmissable opportunity for all those seeking to meet the critical current and future challenges facing sportSport Integrity Week will once more bring together the most influential industry leaders, decision-makers, and renowned experts to address the most pressing issues and pave the way for future growth. It will showcase the crucial role of Integrity Champions, including SIGA members and Committed Supporters, whilst also evidencing the impact of SIGA’s Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and SIRVS.

Established in 2020, Sport Integrity Week empowers the global Sports industry to participate and come together to share knowledge, network and learn across a range of in-person, hybrid and ?digital sessions, workshops, and exhibitions. Sport Integrity Week continues to unite the industry and ignites a pathway for organisations to lead cultural change towards a  prosperous future for Sport built upon the foundations of governance and Integrity.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA Global CEO, delivered the call to action to all Sport Stakeholders:

We invite all members of the global sporting industry to Sport Integrity Week. This is your chance to get involved, lead from the front, engage and press for meaningful reform. This is the time to act, and tackle all issues affecting Sport Integrity. We invite you to participate, either hosting thought leadership events, sponsoring the sessions, or by showcasing your initiatives to be our Integrity Champions. Each one of us has a crucial and indeclinable role to play. The #SIW2023 is our chance to show we mean business and are really committed to collectively lead the way for Sport Integrity. We count on you!”.

All organisations interested in partnering with SIGA for Sport Integrity Week 2023 have until 26 May to submit their proposals.  Stay tuned for further announcements, including the final Programme.

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SIGA is the world’s leading organisation for Sport Integrity. We are creating a whole new landscape for the sports industry by delivering independent global rating and certification for world Sport to ensure it is governed and operates under the highest integrity standards: The SIGA Universal Standards.

Funded by our Members, SIGA is a non for profit global independent organisation with one aim: To ensure the sport  industry is governed under the highest integrity standards so that the values of sport are protected.

SIGA is the only organisation to bring together sport, governments, academia, international organisations, sponsors, business, rights holders, NGOs and professional services companies, from every region in the world, around a common cause of fostering greater integrity throughout sport.

SIGA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as a non for-profit association, and comprises of the following continental subsidiaries: SIGA AMERICA, SIGA EUROPE and SIGA LATIN AMERICA.

For more information on SIGA, including its vision, mission and reform agenda, please refer to the website: and FAQs.

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