SIGA, the world’s largest independent multi-stakeholder coalition in the field of sports governance and integrity, is now registered on the European Union Transparency Register.

This measure, now formally concluded, was one of SIGA’s internal governance priorities for 2020 and is the second of a set of thirty boosting initiatives announced by SIGA earlier this week, as part of the Alliance’s new global campaign #SIGASTRIVES.

By registering itself at the European Union Transparency Register, all EU decision-makers and citizens have another means of directly accessing the way the Alliance governs itself and conducts its operations, including finance. This will further contribute to promote a better understanding of the activities SIGA develops to achieve its strategic goals and enhance the governance and integrity across sport and the wider sporting industry. By signing to the Transparency Register, SIGA commits to follow the Code of Conduct that governs the dialogue between the EU institutions and the civil society.

“SIGA is committed to lead by example. All relevant information related to our internal governance has been available on our website since our inception. Now we give a step further, and will continue to do so on a regular basis.”, explained Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of SIGA and Chairman and CEO of SIGA AMERICA.

“As an organisation that instigates cultural change across the sporting industry and advocates the highest transparency and integrity standards, joining the EU Transparency Register was a natural logical step. We trust it may also stimulate the European public and private sectors and all citizens to participate more actively and further strengthen the democratic life of the EU.”

The information provided on the EU Transparency Register is also available on the SIGA Website. Since the year of its official incorporation as a legal entity (31 January 2017), SIGA has published its governance structures and internal regulations, including its constitution, composition of internal organs, annual reports of activities, policy papers, annual financial statements, including independent audited accounts and multiple sources of funding. In addition, SIGA regularly updates and consults with its membership base, the wider sport integrity community and the media on its progress and activities.

The Alliance identification number on the EU Transparency Register is 355616337528-60.

SIGA STRIVES Measure 3 will be announced next Monday, 23rd March 2020. Stay tuned.