The SIGA LATIN AMERICA Permanent Committees Week kicks off today.

From this Monday until May 10th, a group of nearly 50 individuals, including global leaders, senior executives, and specialists from various sectors, will begin their terms (2024-2026).

The established Permanent Committees will operate in the following areas:

  • Good Governance in Sport
  • Gender, Race, Inclusion, and Diversity in Sport
  • Anti-Corruption and Financial Integrity in Sport
  • Sports Betting Integrity
  • Youth Development and Protection in Sport
  • Environment, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility in Sport

SIGA LATIN AMERICA’s action plan also includes creating a Permanent Committee on Sponsorship, Media, and Integrity, with the composition to be announced soon.

The newly appointed Committee members come from diverse professional backgrounds and represent a broad institutional universe, including sports organizations, governments, international organizations, judicial authorities, sponsorship, media, sports betting companies, universities, and civil society associations. Prominent Brazilian and Latin American sports organizations, such as Atlético MG, the Brazilian Snow Sports Confederation, the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the Venezuelan Paralympic Committee, the Brazilian Football Confederation, Coritiba FC, Racing Club of Argentina, São Paulo FC, and Vasco da Gama are among the sports representatives. Members are also linked to other prestigious institutions, such as UN Women Brazil, UNODC, Octagon, Global Compact Brazil, Sportradar, Genius, Yduqs, Football University, and many others.

The Permanent Committees are part of SIGA LATIN AMERICA’s organizational structure and play a vital advisory role, helping to pursue SIGA’s global mission and promoting the adoption of best practices, policies, and reforms related to integrity in sports.

Members of the Permanent Committees include, in alphabetical order:

Good Governance in Sport


  • Chantal Pillet, Partner, Blanchet Advogados
  • Roberto Armelin, Executive Director of ESG, Risks & Compliance, São Paulo FC



  • Daniel Sibille, Senior Director of Compliance for Latin America, Oracle
  • Fernando Monfardini, Compliance Officer, Atlético MG
  • Mauro Silva, 1994 FIFA World Cup winner with Brazil; Vice-President, Paulista Football Federation
  • Michel Fauze Mattar, Manager and Sports Project Consultant, FIA Business School; Former Director, CBF Academy
  • Pedro Cavazzoni, CEO, CBDN

Gender, Race, Inclusion, and Diversity in Sport


  • Ana Carolina Querino, Deputy Representative, UN Women Brazil


  • Daniel Piza, Head of Advisory in Social Participation and Diversity, Brazilian Ministry of Sport
  • Iêda Leal, Executive Secretary, National System for Racial Equality Promotion
  • Jaqueline Oliveira, Compliance Coordinator, São Paulo FC
  • Marcelo Carvalho, CEO, Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football
  • Maria Vianna, Project Director, Octagon
  • Mónica Dávida, Advisor, Special Projects and Development, Venezuelan Paralympic Committee
  • Pablo Perel, Gender and Human Rights Coordinator, Racing Club
  • Sandra Santos, Football Coach; Former Director of Football Policy and Promotion, Brazilian Ministry of Sport
  • Yohansson Nascimento, Vice-President, CBF

Anti-Corruption and Financial Integrity in Sport


  • Cecília Perez Rivas, Former Minister of Justice, Paraguay; Former Minister to the Permanent Mission of Paraguay, OAS; Lawyer and Consultant


  • Aldo Lale-Demoz, Former Executive Director, UNODC
  • Isânia Cruvinel Sanchez, Director of Sports Programs and Incentive Policies, Brazilian Ministry of Sport
  • Chantal Castro, Manager of the Anti-Corruption Platform, Global Compact Brazil
  • Marcelo Pontes Viana, Secretary of Private Integrity, CGU
  • Roberta Codignoto, Independent Member of the Integrity Committee, Petrobras | Partner, RC Compliance & Corporate Integrity Ltd.; Co-Chair, SIGA PC Financial Integrity & Transparency in Sport
  • Wesley Alexandre Tavares, Chief Internal Control Special Advisory, Brazilian Ministry of Sport

Sports Betting Integrity


  • Paulo Schmitt, Sports Legal & Integrity Consultant, Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and Paulista Football Federation (FPF)


  • Chantal Castro, Manager of the Anti-Corruption Platform, Global Compact Brazil
  • Eduardo Gussem, Integrity Officer, CBF
  • Filipe Marchetti, Integrity Partnerships Manager, Sportradar
  • Fernando Silva Júnior, President, Committee for Fair Play Defense, COB
  • Filipe Rodrigues, Founder, Sports Governance and Integrity Institute (IGE)
  • Fred Justo, General Coordinator for Money Laundering and Other Crimes Related to Sports Betting and Online Gaming, Ministry of Finance
  • Mariana Chamelette, Prosecutor, São Paulo Football Sports Court; Partner, Chamelette Advocacy
  • Pedro Trengrouse, Lawyer, Trengrouse Advogados
  • Tiago Horta, Latin America Head of Integrity, Genius Sports

Youth Development and Protection in Sport


  • Thais Toledo, CEO, AcesoSS


  • Camila Estefano, CEO, Em Busca de uma Estrela
  • Clarissa Arteiro, Director of History and Social Responsibility, Vasco da Gama
  • Diogo Silva, General Coordinator of Grassroots and High-Performance Sport, Brazilian Ministry of Sport
  • Heloísa Rios, CEO, Universidade do Futebol
  • Sofia Cesar, Founder, Classe das Campeãs

Environment, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility


  • Rodrigo M. Weinhardt, PMO, Coritiba Football Club; Founder, Fair Play Ambiental


  • Cláudia Romano, President, Yduqs Institute; Vice-President, Yduqs
  • Claudia Santos Alencar, President, Esporte Pelo Planeta
  • Euler Victor, Head of Sports Business, Esporte Educa
  • Roberto Armelin, Executive Director of ESG, Risks & Compliance, São Paulo FC
  • Vinicius Sousa, Director of Institutional Relations & Strategic Partnerships, SIGA LATIN AMERICA

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, Global CEO of SIGA and President and CEO of SIGA LATIN AMERICA, stated:

“I welcome the leaders who are committed to our cause and take on roles in the SIGA LATIN AMERICA Permanent Committees. Coming from Sport, governments, international organizations, the business community, and civil society, they share the desire to drive essential change in mentality and long-overdue sports reform. We want Sport to be governed and practiced under the highest integrity standards and to be worthy of the respect and trust of all.


These men and women taking on this responsibility alongside SIGA LATIN AMERICA provide invaluable public service. Their contributions will be pivotal in strengthening the work that SIGA and our international network of Members and Partners have been doing. I’m confident that together, we’ll make a difference and create a promising future for sports in Brazil, Latin America, and worldwide.”

Comments from Committee Chairs and co-Chairs:

Ana Carolina Querino, Chair, Permanent Committee on Gender, Race, Inclusion, and Diversity in Sport:

“UN Women has been working globally with various partners to integrate and empower women and girls through Sport. Being part of this Committee is crucial to discussing and fostering initiatives, public or private, best practices, and innovative projects involving diverse actors, including global, national, local, and regional leaders and the various stakeholders of the sports ecosystem. I am certain this platform will be crucial in using sports to promote gender equality for all girls and women.”

Cecilia Perez Rivas, Chair, Permanent Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Integrity in Sport:

“I am honoured by this important appointment and committed to leading this SIGA LATIN AMERICA committee with diligence and determination. We are on a crucial mission to safeguard financial integrity in Sport and fight corruption that undermines our community’s core values. I believe that by uniting our efforts and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, we will ensure that financial resources are used ethically and for the development and growth of Sport in all dimensions so that integrity remains the cornerstone of sports worldwide.”

Chantal Pillet, Co-Chair, Permanent Committee on Good Governance in Sport:

“I’m convinced that enriching the discussions and reflections on good governance in Sport will greatly benefit the sector and Brazilian football, particularly defending the importance of integrity and transparency in football alongside the SIGA team will impact the lives of many youths in this country like never before.”

Paulo Schmitt, Chair, Permanent Committee on Sports Betting Integrity:

“I am delighted and honoured to join the SIGA LATIN AMERICA Permanent Committee on Sports Betting Integrity. I am grateful for the trust placed in me to lead this committee in such a crucial and sensitive area, especially in preventing and combating match-fixing. We are committed to ensuring sports credibility and ethics, including in sports betting. I thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with other members, a true constellation of professionals in this field, and I’m eager to contribute and learn from this exceptional group. We have much work ahead.”

Rodrigo M. Weinhardt, Chair, Permanent Committee on Environment, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility:

“This Committee represents a unique opportunity to join forces in two vital areas: Sport and sustainability. This initiative promotes sustainable actions through sport and creates a support community, showing that no one is alone in this fight for a more sustainable future. It transforms sports engagement into environmental action, encouraging us all to act for the common good.”

Roberto Armelin, Co-Chair, Permanent Committee on Good Governance in Sport:

“I am incredibly pleased to be appointed as Co-Chair of the SIGA LATIN AMERICA Good Governance Committee. First, I will share this mission with Chantal Pillet, whom I admire greatly. Second, it’s an area in which I have been developing strategies and practices for many years. I am convinced that SIGA LATIN AMERICA will make a difference in promoting integrity in sports governance in Brazil and Latin America.”

Thais Toledo, Chair, Permanent Committee on Youth Athlete Development and Protection:

“I greatly admire the intentional and purposeful actions of SIGA in the name of Sport Integrity. Being part of a committee focused on the protection of young athletes in Sport is motivating for me to continue developing concrete actions and face challenges to promote a safe and enriching journey for the good development of the individual/athlete in competitive sports. For a sport that, in addition to being exciting, serves as an educator of good practices and integrity!”

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