Through its continental structure, SIGA LATIN AMERICA, the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) launched the SIGA Members Club – Chapter Brazil this week in the vibrant city of São Paulo. This exclusive event brought together about 25 influential leaders from various sectors, including sports, government, compliance, and sponsorship, demonstrating the attendees’ commitment to integrity and good sports governance.

Under the leadership of co-chairs Roberto Armelin, Executive Director of ESG, Risks, and Compliance at São Paulo FC, and Chantal Pillet, ESG Partner, Integrity and Compliance at Blanchet Lawyers, the event celebrated not only the inauguration of the Brazil Chapter but also introduced the essential principles for membership. Armelin and Pillet outlined the criteria based on the desire to transform the world, a high sense of humanity, courage, freedom from prejudice and conflicts of interest, and involvement with sports and integrity themes. This set of conditions underscores the search for members who aspire to excel in their fields.

The SIGA Members Club – Brazil Chapter stands out for its openness to diversity and for welcoming individuals with a proven ability to instil positive change. Among the desired profiles are representatives of SIGA member organizations and other professionals committed to promoting integrity in Sport, including former athletes, compliance or integrity professionals, health professionals, human behaviour specialists, people and project managers, technology professionals, marketing professionals, economists, etc. This variety ensures a wealth of perspectives and experiences, promoting a collaborative and innovative environment.

Central to the philosophy of the SIGA Members Club – Brazil Chapter are eleven values that serve as foundations for all activities and initiatives: Integrity, Transparency, Commitment, Coherence, Collaboration, Respect, Inclusion, Kindness, Goodness, Honesty, and Sustainability. These values reflect the SIGA Members Club’s commitment to creating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable sports environment.

With future events already on the horizon, the first of which is in April in Rio de Janeiro, the SIGA Members Club is prepared to lead discussions, foster partnerships, and inspire actions that align worldwide Sport with the highest standards of integrity and governance.

During the launch, the leaders of the Brazil Chapter announced that the next steps for individual membership will soon be disclosed. SIGA and SIGA LATIN AMERICA member organizations already have the right to participate.

SIGA invites all those who share the vision of a fairer, more inclusive, and transparent sport to join the SIGA Members Club and be part of this transformative movement. New meeting dates in other parts of the world, such as the United States, Portugal, and France, will soon be announced.

For more information about the SIGA Members Club, please refer to the Terms of Reference here.

If you are interested in registering for the Brazil Chapter, please email Vinicius Sousa, Director of Institutional Relations and Partnerships at SIGA LATIN AMERICA, at

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