The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is partnering with the Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) to bring Brain Breaks ® into homes around the globe.

At a time when schools are shut down and youth are spending many hours inside their homes, a solution is needed to help families stay active and continue learning. The values that sport teaches, fair play, teamwork, respect, and working hard, are core values of integrity that SIGA is committed to delivering to adults and the future generation. SIGA will contribute sport integrity content to the robust Brain Breaks® platform and work with GCH to distribute worldwide.

Brain Breaks® are 3-5 minutes web-based games and videos to get kids moving, raise awareness and inspire youth to take action in creating a better world for themselves and others. Researched and utilized in schools in 73 countries, the activities are now available free to families at

Brain Breaks ® provide a dynamic online platform, originally designed for teachers, to support Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SIGA will work with GCH to expand age and culturally appropriate content focused on sport integrity for millions of young people in countries across the planet.

#SIGASTRIVES is a global campaign designed to overcome adversity, generate social engagement and ensure progress in the field of sports integrity during the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic.

This is the fifth in a set of thirty boosting measures and initiatives announced by SIGA as part of the Alliance’s new global campaign #SIGASTRIVES.

SIGA STRIVES Measure 6 will be announced on 31 March 2020. Stay tuned.

Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai Chin, President and Founder, Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) stated: “We are so proud to offer the children of the world Brain Breaks for free. With the co-operation of international health, wellness, and academic leaders, whose persistence and action with passion, have helped us deliver these evidenced-based activity breaks that inspire kids to take action in creating a better world for themselves and others. We are excited to partner with SIGA and their vast network of international partners to bring movement and learning into homes around the world during this global pandemic.”

Shellie Pfohl, COO of SIGA AMERICA, stated: “Global problems call for global solutions. SIGA is honored to partner with the Foundation for Global Community Health to serve youth and families who are sequestered to their homes during this international health crisis. Movement and learning, including lessons on integrity in sport, can continue through the Brain Breaks ® platform. Sport will survive and flourish in the aftermath of this crisis. Let us all remain active and stimulate our brains so that we can continue to make the world a better place.”