The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is announcing a series of new initiatives to tackle corruption, money laundering and criminal infiltration in Sport, coinciding with the UN International Anti-Corruption Day – 9th December.

Over the course of 5 days, commencing on 5 December, SIGA will showcase critical work carried out by its members, committed supporters and partners, while promoting a solution-oriented approach on this crucial issue for integrity in Sport.

Building on the conclusions resulting from the first-ever World Congress on Global Leadership and Anti-Corruption in Sport (Rome, 17-18 February 2020) and subsequent special sessions, as well as on its Sport Integrity Weeks, SIGA is holding an international Expert Summit on Global Leadership and Anti-Corruption in Sport, on Tuesday, 6 December 2022.

This thought leadership event is a key feature of the SIGA Anti-Corruption Week and will be held in cooperation with SIGA’s member, the Government of Azores. Participating organisations include G20, European Commission, UEFA, Transparency International, Observatory of Economy and Fraud Management, Liga Portugal, Portuguese FA, global law enforcement, and many others.

As part of the International Anti-Corruption Week, a SIGA WoW (Women on Wednesdays) Special Edition will be held on 7 December hosted by SIGA Member, the Ponta Delgada Football Association. The event will see female leaders from all sectors of the sporting industry address this topic and other crucial challenges facing the industry.

Amongst other activities, SIGA will galvanise its global community during the week with a series of awareness raising social media statements on the perils of corruption in Sport.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA Global CEO, commented on the inception of International Anti-Corruption Week and called for action:

“In today’s post pandemic world, against a worrying background of war and the ensuing grave socio-economic crisis, the significance of Sport to our global society and economy is greater than ever.

However, Sport is more exposed and vulnerable to a growing number of threats, such as corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, sports betting fraud and many others that undermine its integrity, reputation, and credibility. These threats have a global dimension and are increasingly complex and sophisticated, often involving multiple jurisdictions and transnational organised crime.

We have had enough! It is time for global leadership, enhanced cooperation and inclusive, concerted, coordinated, reform-driven global cooperation. It is time for robust, adequate, and up to date legislation, and proper resources to effectively root out corruption from Sport.

To support the efforts of the international community and achieve these fundamental goals, SIGA has set in motion an ambitious, multi-faceted anti-corruption agenda. Next week is dedicated to exactly this. We encourage all like-minded individuals and organisations to be part of our global movement and make these reforms a reality.”  

Check below the agenda for the Expert Summit on Global Leadership and Anti-Corruption in Sport. Navigate through the document to read it




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