The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) will organise the first ever Sport Integrity Week from 07 to 11 September 2020, the world’s largest sport integrity coalition has unveiled today.

The Sport Integrity Week aims to promote the adoption and implementation of the highest integrity standards at all levels and across all areas of Sport. It will bring together all relevant key stakeholders, senior industry leaders and top experts, and provide a privileged opportunity to raise global awareness about the most critical challenges facing Sport and the wider industry, facilitate collective action and pave the way to the necessary reforms at the centre of SIGA’s mission.

To overcome the present challenges facing international travel, this global thought leadership event will take place in a brand-new digital format, comprising live interactive panel discussions via SIGA’s YouTube channel, and a series of interviews with some of the most senior leaders from the world of Sport.

Structured around five focus themes over one week, the Sport Integrity Week will offer insightful discussions, facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. It will also promote best practice, enhance dialogue and cooperation, as well as instigate cultural change, global approaches and action-oriented solutions. Key topics under the spotlight will include:

• Sports Governance, Anti-Corruption and International Cooperation;

• Financial Integrity, Transparency and Sustainability;

• Sports Betting Integrity;

• Youth Development and Child Protection in Sport; and

• Sports Business, Media and Technology.

Participants will include a diverse range of individuals from sports ecosystem including SIGA’s Members, Committed Supporters and Partners, Sports Organisations, Governments, International Organisations, Sponsors, Broadcasters and Commercial Partners, Media and Social Media, Service providers, Academia and Non-Governmental Organisations. Speakers and Partners will be released on a weekly basis starting with Day 1 of the digital conference later this month.

Speaking about the Sport Integrity Week, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA’s CEO and Chairman and CEO of SIGA AMERICA, said:

“The Sport Integrity Week will be the world’s premium digital conference and thought leadership dynamo for sport integrity leaders and all those who want to see the industry being governed and operated under the highest standards. Connecting senior executives, thought leaders, policy-makers, forward-thinkers, global sponsors, media and champions on sport integrity, the Sport Integrity Week represents the perfect intersection for all key stakeholders to come together and usher the sporting industry into a new era!”

If you work in the business of sport and sport Integrity and want to be involved in the first ever dedicated week to Sport Integrity, contact us at

This is the 23rd in a set of 30 boosting measures and initiatives being announced and developed by SIGA as part of the Alliance’s global campaign #SIGASTRIVES.