Inaugural Conference & Public Hearing Scheduled for March 11, 2024, in São Paulo. Event is open to all Interested parties to gather key authorities and leaders in Brazilian football, including Government, sports organizations, players, coaches, referees, sponsors, media, and fans.

The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and SIGA LATIN AMERICA are pleased to invite all interested parties to the Inaugural Conference & Public Hearing of the Independent Study on the Future of Brazilian Football, which will take place on March 11 at the MorumBIS Stadium. The event will start at 09:00 and conclude at 17:30.

During a day of intense debate, key figures in Brazilian football will contribute to the development of a rigorous and objective diagnosis of the current state of football in the country.

Conducted independently, neutrally, and inclusively, the process will involve all stakeholders and relevant entities, including the Government, Congress Chamber and Senate, Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), state federations, club representatives, players, coaches, referees, and fans. The participation of sponsors, commercial partners, media, and universities is also ensured, which will deepen knowledge, identify best practices, and build consensus around the most appropriate solutions for current and future challenges.

Coordinated by SIGA’s Global CEO and President & CEO of SIGA LATIN AMERICA, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, himself a co-founder and CEO for a decade of the European Leagues and the World Leagues Association, this pioneering study is carried out in partnership with the Parliamentary Front for the Modernization of Brazilian Football, chaired by congressman Eduardo Bandeira de Mello. At the end of the process, a final report will be presented containing a robust set of reforms and practical solutions aimed at safeguarding Good Governance and the integrity of Brazilian football, and ensuring its sustainable development in the short, medium, and long terms.

This Inaugural Conference & Public Hearing follows the consultation process started in Europe last January and will mark the beginning, on Brazilian soil, of the stages of hearing from various stakeholders. Open to all interested parties, the agenda includes a series of panels with experts on various topics under discussion, as well as several Public Consultation timings designed to hear from attendees, who will thus be able to ask relevant questions and collaborate with pertinent opinions.

During the event, the concept and objectives underlying this study will be disclosed, as well as its implementation plan, schedule, and areas of focus. The composition of the expert groups that are part of this innovative and crucial project for the industry will also be announced on this occasion.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, Global CEO of SIGA and CEO & Chair of SIGA LATIN AMERICA, highlighted the relevance of this Inaugural Conference in the strategic transformation process of football in Brazil:

“The Independent Study on the Future of Brazilian Football represents a unique, unmissable opportunity to place our beloved sport where it truly deserves to be: on the podium. This is our common goal. A football ‘played in the soul,’ as Carlos Drumond de Andrade praised. Governed, regulated, and managed according to the highest standards of good governance, integrity, and transparency. Deserving of the fans’ passion, the trust of sponsors and broadcasters, and the legitimate expectations of all of us. A football in which we can all believe and see ourselves reflected.

Brazil is football, and Brazilian football cannot be left behind! As I said before, we will start from scratch. With a blank sheet. Without dogmas, taboos, or preconceived ideas. This is an inclusive, open, and democratic process. A pioneering process, based on knowledge and focused on solutions. Led by SIGA and the Parliamentary Front for the Modernization of Football in Brazil with a positive spirit. Therefore, it is essential that everyone participates in it and that, on March 11, they join us in this collective effort for the future of football in Brazil!”

Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, congressman and President of the Parliamentary Front for the Modernization of Football in Brazil, added:

“I am very excited about the Inaugural Conference & Public Hearing of the Independent Study on the Future of Brazilian Football, in partnership with SIGA and SIGA LATIN AMERICA. This event marks a significant step in the search for solutions that promote the modernization and sustainable development of football in Brazil. By involving all interested stakeholders, from government authorities to fans, we are building a comprehensive diagnosis and proposing reforms that will propel our national sport towards a prosperous and inclusive future. This study is crucial for identifying the gaps and challenges faced by Brazilian football, allowing us to implement effective changes that strengthen our industry and our passion for the sport.”


Check the conference agenda below and stay tuned for upcoming announcements to meet the confirmed speakers.

Participation is free, but registration is required. To secure your spot, click here.



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