Inês Alves Caetano, 37 years old, founder of the Sports Embassy, is a dedicated sportswoman. She competed in modern pentathlon, which she had to quit after a severe injury. After recovering, she embraced fencing and rugby, and got pregnant at  29 y.o., having then decided to put an end to her career.

She studied sports training and got a masters degree in Sports marketing. Inês worked for the FIFA World Cup-2014 and now is running the Sports Embassy, a company dedicated to life after sports…

Last year, she participated in the SIGA Global Mentorship Programme, and today is an enthusiastic advocate of it…

Why did you decide to participate in SIGA’s Mentorship Programme?
Because I’m always looking to evolve, whether on a professional or personal level. Also, networking is essential for us to develop our professional activity. This kind of initiative promotes an open spirit among all participants, which turns out to be very positive.

What is your assessment of participation?
Participation was very positive, and being online didn’t minimize that. I met a group of fantastic women. I have followed the professional path of many of them since I joined the group. It is always inspiring to know other realities and understand how the success of a person or a project/organization arises.

Who was your mentor, and how was the connection between the two?
My mentor was Katie Simmonds, (SIGA Global CEO and #SIGAWomen Programme Manager), who turned out to be really good. We have many things in common. We shared some personal views and our journey that made the mentoring process very positive. I want to believe that it was very good for both of us.

What was the best thing the programme brought you?
Networking stays with you if you know how to capitalize on the contacts we make and the empathy created with people during the course. More than the skills acquired, I think the exercises we did remain. They forced us to get out of our comfort zone, at the same time that we felt comfortable being among peers. We had compelling sessions from a sharing perspective. This will help us as leaders with other people (women, but men too, of course) and in our personal development process. I strongly believe in the humanization of Sport. Therefore, I would say that this was what most impressed me during the process.

Do you advise other girls to enter the programme?
Clearly yes, for everything I mentioned above. Especially for young women looking to enter the world of work, it can be highly motivating.

Do you believe this program will help create more opportunities for women in the sports industry?
We are experiencing strange moments regarding the positioning of women in society, especially in professional life. As Sport is still a very masculine activity, there are few women in leadership and decision-making positions. Because it is not an easy path, many give up. Meeting women who have reached exciting jobs can be very motivating and, on the one hand, make women not give up. On the other hand, women with leadership and decision-making positions meeting young people and future talents can clearly open up opportunities for them.

Did the programme change your professional life in any way? If so, how?
I wouldn’t say it changed my professional life because there were no changes related to participation in the course. What changed was, in a way, my perspective on some subjects. I got to know other realities, different projects, other women with whom I had something in common… It can be very important in a logic of personal belief, self-esteem, motivation, etc. On days when everything seems more problematic, when it feels like you’re exploring the world alone, even if you’re not. Basically, you end up creating a support network.

Learn more here. Submit your application until January 31st!

Katie Simmonds, SIGA Global COO and Managing Director #SIGAWomen, invites women from all corners of the world to #StandWithSIGA and join the programme, either as a mentor or as a mentee. “It is a pleasure, passion and duty as a female in the sports industry to lead the SIGA Global Female Mentorship Programme for Aspiring Female Leaders in Sport. The high calibre of Global Mentors, from a diverse cross-section of the industry, shows that this movement is not only gaining traction but is needed. The current status quo of gender balance in the board room of sports organisations is simply not good enough. If we are to increase this, as women working in the industry, we have a responsibility to help the next generation of female leaders. Networking, exchanging valuable practical lessons and tips, as well as offering reassurance and confidence to the next in line is exactly what the programme is about. If you have smashed the glass ceiling g, take a step forward and join us!

Submit your application until January 31st!

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