My mentor is Alison Giordano, who is Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing and Sponsorships at Mastercard, the host of the 2022 Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport and a proud supporter of #SIGAWomen. Alison has been such a wonderful mentor. The aspect of our relationship that I treasure most is her ability to offer advice that is actionable and practical. Whether I am preparing for a speech or applying for positions, Alison is always there for me with empowering words paired with tangible things I can do to feel confident and prepared. Given her busy schedule, witnessing her commitment to her mentees, improving gender parity, and to SIGA is a constant motivation. As a testament to the power of this mentorship programme, our relationship has blossomed beyond the programme to serving on the SIGA Council together”.

Taylor Green, 27 years old, SIGA Youth Council Chair, and SIGA Council Board member;  Director of Communications and Board Member for Black Girl Hockey Club (BGHC) is the living example of how #SIGAWomen Global Mentorship Programme can be a game-changer for aspiring female leaders in Sport.

Alison Giordano is one of several mentors who are, once again, joining forces with SIGA to promote gender equity in the boardroom. Being part of the independent jury that will  review and assess the applications and match the mentees to their respective mentors (together with Katie Simmonds, Global COO, SIGA & Managing Director, #SIGAWomen Programme; and  Cristina Ackas, Vice President, Inclusive Diversity, Octagon), Alison embodies all the characteristics of the SIGA mentors:

  • A Winning Mindset: Resilient

Does not accept no for an answer. Adapts to her environment to stay relevant in a changing world. Focused on delivery and results and unwavering in the goals she has chosen.

  • Creating a Legacy

Committed to creating leadership lanes for young women to make their pathway better for future generations in sport.

  • Thought Leader

Leads by developing innovative ways to inspire a cultural change in the industry.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Passionate about diversity and inclusion and creates opportunities for those less represented.

  • Spirit of initiative

Does not wait to be asked. Assumes responsibility and ownership. Transforms adversity into opportunity.

  • Integrity

Highest ethical conduct. Lives and works in a code of teamwork, fair play, and respect.

  • U-Matter

Treats everyone with courtesy and gives the people that work with her a purpose to motivate them and bring out the best in them for the benefit of the team and wider goals.

  • Belief

Self-belief. She exudes confidence in who she is and the changes she can make in the world.

Learn more here. Submit your application until January 31st!

These characteristics were also what Tarryn Horner, 27, Grant Support Executive at the Football Foundation, found when working with Sarah Solémalé, Senior Manager – Member Associations Governance, FIFA:

We built a tight-knit relationship and continue to stay connected. We got along really well and not only in a professional sense, but as friends too. Sarah supported me greatly throughout the programme, was encouraging, kept me accountable and guided me using her expertise. It was great to have that human connection, something authentic where we saw eye to eye on many things, but our differences also brought an extra zest to our relationship and mentorship. I truly appreciate all that Sarah has done for me and hope that I too can become a great mentor like she is for me”.

Open to women aged 24 or over, the SIGA Global Mentorship programme is designed to promote future leaders in sport and foster greater diversity within the sporting industry, as advocated by SIGA’s Universal Standards on Good Governance.

Katie Simmonds, SIGA Global COO and Managing Director #SIGAWomen, invites women from all corners of the world to #StandWithSIGA and join the programme, either as a mentor or as a mentee. “It is a pleasure, passion and duty as a female in the sports industry to lead the SIGA Global Female Mentorship Programme for Aspiring Female Leaders in Sport. The high calibre of Global Mentors, from a diverse cross-section of the industry, shows that this movement is not only gaining traction but is needed. The current status quo of gender balance in the board room of sports organisations is simply not good enough. If we are to increase this, as women working in the industry, we have a responsibility to help the next generation of female leaders. Networking, exchanging valuable practical lessons and tips, as well as offering reassurance and confidence to the next in line is exactly what the programme is about. If you have smashed the glass ceiling, take a step forward and join us!

Submit your application until January 31st!

Check out some confirmed Mentors and stay tuned for future announcements


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