Horta, 14th July, 2021:The Regional Government of the Azores accepted the invitation to become a member of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and become an active part of the movement that, worldwide, has the mission of promoting a practical reform through the adoption of universal standards of Integrity in Sport.

At a meeting in which the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro; the Regional Secretary for Education, Sofia Ribeiro; the Regional Secretary for Health and Sports, Clélio Meneses; and the Regional Secretary for Youth, Professional Qualification and Employment, Duarte Freitas, received the Global CEO of SIGA, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. with the importance of implementing the highest standards in the following areas:

  • Good governance
  • Regulation of Sports Betting
  • Financial integrity
  • Protection and training of young people

The meeting also for Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros to present, on behalf of SIGA, greetings to the Regional Government of the Azores and to express his conviction that this Autonomous Region is “on the right path”.

At the end of the meeting, José Manuel Bolieiro and Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros spoke to the journalists, welcoming the understanding between the parties. The Cooperation Agreement, which will enshrine the formal adhesion of the Government of the Azores to SIGA, will be signed in early August in São Miguel Island.

José Manuel Bolieiro,

President of the Regional Government of the Azores:

“I want to note that it was a reunion with Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, an Azorean, a prestigious friend in the world of sport.

It was a meeting for a worthy cause, to which the Government wants to join and in which it has the support of SIGA: integrity in sports practice, in the organization of events, the creation of a letter of good practices and a quality standard and excellence to fulfil discipline and integrity in the training of young people; in health, as we understand that one of the pillars of good practice in sport is to gain health.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros


“This meeting had multiple and very important objectives. First, a presentation of greetings and the formulation of best wishes to the Regional Government of the Azores. I realized, in the short time I was here, that the Azores are on the right path. These are challenging times, and challenges imply options. The Government has a firm and sure course to face them.

As far as my sector is concerned, the sports industry, I am pleased with the position taken by the President of the Regional Government: that, through sport and its potential, it will seek to put it at the service of society and economy, leveraging its development and bringing international projection to the Azores.

SIGA brings together more than one hundred international organizations, including governments; international organizations; sports entities; global business; and civil society.

Our mission is to contribute, so that sport is credible, dignified and fair, deserving the trust placed in it by citizens, governments, youth and economic agents. This can only be achieved by adopting best practices and long-overdue reforms, which leads to two words: global leadership.

For global problems, global solutions. This is a very important moment for us, SIGA, and for the entire community we represent.”


SIGA is the world´s largest coalition in the field of sport´s governance and integrity. Supported by more than 100 international multi-industry supporters, SIGA is an independent and neutral organisation whose mission is to bring about meaningful reforms and enhance the integrity of all sports through a set of universal standards operated by an independent and neutral body. SIGA is the only organisation to bring together sport, governments, academia, international organisations, sponsors, business, rights holders, NGOs and professional services companies, from every region in the world, around a common cause of fostering greater integrity throughout sport.

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