SIGA Announces 15 Young Leaders that will Join the SIGA Youth Council and Champion Sport Integrity for the Next Generation


SIGA, the world’s largest independent integrity coalition, have reached the final day of the first ever Sport Integrity Week.

Whilst several webinars and other high level digital events are being held throughout this afternoon, the #SIW has already clearly demonstrated that SIGA is a pioneering force for collective action and are successfully unifying the diverse stakeholders behind the fundamental principle of Sport Integrity.

To accomplish these goals and turn them from aspiration into reality requires stakeholder cohesion, unity and a dedication to change. SIGA wants to empower the new generations. Their voice must be heard and their vision for the future must be considered. Global Youth plays a vital role in all stages of the process. These are the foundational principles that underpin the SIGA Youth Council, which will provide the platform for the next generation of Integrity Leaders to achieve all of this and more.

Today, SIGA announced the 15 Youth Leaders that will form the initial SIGA Youth Council. They are:

  • Alex Christmas, UK.
  • Alexandra Sokolova, Germany.
  • Anđelija Milovanović, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Anton Klischewski, Germany.
  • Canelle Daniel, Saujon.
  • Ethan Cuccarese, USA.
  • James Flanigan, UK.
  • Kenta Iwasawa,
  • Mauricio Hernández Londoño, Colombia.
  • Max-Patrick Fomeju, France.
  • Oliver Hinds, UK.
  • Sukriti Bhardwaj, Spain.
  • Taylor Green, USA.
  • Tomás Macedo de Medeiros, Portugal.
  • Tosin Gbaja, UK.


On this auspicious day for SIGA and for the future of Sport Integrity Dr. Iain Lindsay, SIGA Director of Research, Knowledge and Innovation, stated:

We formalised the SIGA Youth Council to create a tangible mechanism for the World’s Youth to help usher in a new era of Sport Integrity. The quality and passion the successful applicants demonstrated makes us feel very privileged and confident about the future. If the composition of the Youth Council is anything to go by the future is in very good hands indeed, and it is up to us, SIGA, our partners, committed supporters and the Sport stakeholder landscape more broadly, to not only give Global Youth a seat at the table, but to engage in meaningful dialogue, to truly listen to what is being said and then to put these ideas into action. These are precisely the reasons why the SIGA Youth Council has been established and we cannot wait to get started. We congratulations all applicants, and encourage any other aspiring Youth Leaders to get involve too, contact us and find out how they can be part of our global movement. The World is yours to shape, but only if you take affirmative action and make sure you play your part.”