2022 kicks off with important decisions for the Sport Integrity Global Alliance. With the 2018-2021 term coming to an end, it is time to elect the Global CEO for the next 4 years (2022-2026).

According to the SIGA Constitution [Arts 16.13 and 19.1 c)], the Global CEO is an ex-officio member of the SIGA Council and its Permanent Committee

The Global CEO is the highest executive of SIGA and, besides chairing the Executive Committee, holds the following responsibilities (Art 21):

  1. To direct and execute the general affairs of the Association and its’ subsidiaries, if existing;
  2. To work with the Chair, the Council and the General Assembly to direct and carry out the strategy necessary to meet the Association’s objectives;
  3. To represent the interests of the Members of the Association;
  4. To organise the preparations for the meetings of the Council and General Assembly and execute their decisions; e) To administer and record the expenses of the association;
  5. To establish the budget, annual accounts and annual report of activities of the Association for approval by the Council and ratification by the General Assembly;
  6. To coordinate and support the work of the Standing Committees;
  7. To monitor and oversee the development and implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards and other projects and initiatives;
  8. To represent the Association vis-a-vis third parties; and
  9. To perform any other tasks that may be entrusted to it by the Chair, the Council and General Assembly.

SIGA’s Electoral Regulations set the rules governing the elections, including the eligibility criteria and voting procedure. Individuals who meet the electoral requirements may apply to the Council for election to the role of Global CEO of SIGA [Art 3.1, 3.2 b)] after being proposed by a SIGA Member organisation (Art 5.1).

Given the nature of the role and respective sphere of responsibilities, the election of the Global CEO requires reinforced legitimacy, i.e. democratic election by the Council followed by ratification by the General Assembly approved by a qualified majority of two thirds.


  • Tuesday, 11 January 2022: deadline for the submission of candidatures to the office of Global CEO of SIGA
  • Thursday, 20 January 2022: Election by the SIGA Council

Monday, 31 January 2022: Ratification by the SIGA General Assembly

– END –


SIGA is the world´s largest coalition in the field of sport´s governance and integrity. Supported by more than 100 international multi-industry supporters, SIGA is an independent and neutral organisation whose mission is to bring about meaningful reforms and enhance the integrity of all sports through a set of universal standards operated by an independent and neutral body. SIGA is the only organisation to bring together sport, governments, academia, international organisations, sponsors, business, rights holders, NGOs and professional services companies, from every region in the world, around a common cause of fostering greater integrity throughout sport.

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