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SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport, 8 –10 March 2021


London, 04 February 2021


Female executives from all sides of the sporting industry are answering SIGA’s call for long overdue reforms in the way Sport is governed with a massive participation in the first-ever Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport, kicking off on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2021.

The SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport is a flagship thought leadership event designed to drive greater equality and opportunities for women in Sport, as advocated by the SIGA Universal Standards on Good Governance in Sport.

Consisting of 12 live webinars, digital workshops, and a series of keynote speeches from high profile industry leaders, the SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport will provide three days of insightful, interactive, and engaging discussions on the most pressing challenges that impact women carving out a career, as well as those women at the top of their game, in one of the most exciting industries on the planet: Sport!

The agenda, available here, will address the following hot topics:

  • Good Governance in Sport: Parity in the Boardroom
  • Role of Federations & Governing Bodies to Promote Women in Sport
  • #SIGAWomen: The Power of Mentorship
  • Finding Male Champions: The Role of Men in Promoting Female Leadership in Sport  
  • How can Sport learn from Female Leadership in other Sectors?
  • Sport for Development: Empowering Girls. Now!
  • Has Women’s Sport been hit harder by Covid-19?
  • Fair Play On & Off the Pitch: Athlete Activism!
  • Behind Closed Doors: Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Sustain the Game: Changing the Rules
  • Sports & Sport Fashion: Changing Cultures
  • Sport Sponsorship and Integrity: Commercialising the Women’s Game
  • Sport & Technology: Women at the Cutting Edge




This Web Summit strengthens SIGA’s efforts to promote good governance across all areas and levels of Sport and the wider sporting industry. Following the launch of the successful SIGA Global Mentorship Programme on Female Leadership in Sport  in Paris on the 9 March 2018, today the programme is providing mentorship to nearly 50 young women around the globe, with an impressive team of global female leaders working in sport that are passionate about changing cultures and empowering the next generation of female leaders in sport.


Ahead of the SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport, SIGA’s Global COO, Katie Simmonds, stated:


Promoting gender equality in the boardroom of sports organisations underpins SIGA’s reform agenda and is a key component of good governance. We have a Global Agenda to promote female empowerment and leadership 365 days a year, and this Web Summit is a very important part of it. Our purpose is clear and simple: galvanise champions of female leadership, showcase our expertise in our fields and create a legacy for future female leaders! No favours; just level playing field, equal opportunities, and merit. If you are serious about wanting good governance in Sport, you know what to do: join us! #SIGAWomen!” 



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