Global problems need global solutions. If I have to define what is SIGA in just two

words, those words are: Tranquil Revolution” – SIGA CEO

NEW YORK CITY (April 1, 2019)

Leaders of sport, government, and business joined forces at the
inaugural U.S. Sport Integrity Forum to address the most pressing issues in sport, including
corruption and criminal infiltration, sports betting integrity, youth development, and child
protection. Hosted by the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA), the world’s largest collation in the
field of sports governance and integrity, the forum was the first of its kind in the US and
constituted a key step in transforming the industry on a global scale.


In the highly anticipated panel on Anti-Corruption, former US law enforcement chiefs who led
the investigation and prosecutions on the notorious “FIFA Gate” scandal said that the
the investigation is still on-going, and there is enough evidence for the investigation to continue for
another ten years. Panelists Robert Capers (former US Attorney, Eastern District of NY), Richard
Weber (former US IRS Criminal Investigation Chief), Paul Tuchmann (former Assistant US
Attorney, Eastern District of NY / former Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Section / co-Chair
of the FIFA Task Force), spoke about the investigation that sent shockwaves throughout the
soccer world.
In his keynote address, Robert Capers commended SIGA ́s efforts to prevent corruption in sport,
explaining that ultimately law enforcement should not dictate the future of the sports industry,
but it was necessary for the US to take a stance and prevent individuals from FIFA from eroding
the public ́s trust and social good in sport.
Richard Weber wrapped the discussion with: “When I was Chief of IRS-CI, we worked some
amazing cases, and FIFA was one of the most significant. We were involved in all aspects of the
case – tax evasion, money laundering and corruption. CI agents are the best at following the
money. The SIGA conference brought so many diverse constituencies together to discuss the
timely and critical issue of fighting corruption in sports. It was a pleasure to have been part of
this successful forum.”


British Standards Institution (BSI) was awarded the bid to develop and manage SIRVS – SIGA’s
Independent Rating & Verification System. This new tool will enforce and hold organizations
accountable for integrity standards, and provide a scorecard of how they’re managing
themselves. With BSI at the helm, the new SIRVS tool will usher in a new era of enhanced
governance, integrity, transparency and accountability across the sports industry.
Representing BSI, Steven Wilson, Business Development Manager, said:
“BSI is delighted to be chosen as the partner to work on implementing SIGA’s Rating and
Verification System”. “We are honored to be associated with this vital initiative and BSI looks
forward to playing its part in transforming the integrity of global sports.”


The complex and eye-opening discussion delved into the worldwide mistreatment of children in
sport and the need for universal standards on how to protect this vulnerable group. Theo van
Seggelen, Secretary General of FIFPro, set the stage with: “Integrity has a long way to go in sports.”
Panelists pushed for immediate reform around the process of reporting issues, and punishing
those who mistreat children in sport. “If it were easy, we wouldn’t be here, if it were easy it
would’ve been done, if it were easy there wouldn’t be a need for SIGA,” said Shellie Pfohl. “It’s
the actions that happen next, and the way we support each other which will really change the
issues around child protection in sport.”
JF Cecil lion, CEO of AFDP Global, summed up the sentiment with: “The current rule book needs
to be burned, and needs to be rewritten.”


Leaders from top organizations worldwide tackled the subject of reputational damage suffered
by brands when their sporting sponsorships become tainted by scandal.
Michael Robichaud, SVP for Global Sponsorships at Mastercard, said: “Mastercard has supported
SIGA’s reform agenda since the early days as we believe from a sponsor’s perspective, preserving
sport integrity is integral to protecting our investments and reputation. Today’s consumers are
more demanding, and as a global business that has a vested interest in the sports industry, we
expect the same accountability as our consumers from the sports we sponsor. SIGA and its
independent rating & verification system will be the game-changer that the sports industry needs.”


With the US Supreme Court repealing the ban on sports betting and opening the doors for state-
to-state legalization, sports betting is becoming more widely accepted. But the reality is clear:

States, sports betting operators and sporting organizations are entering into unchartered territory,
and the focus is being predominantly given to the awaited jackpot rather than sport integrity.

With leaders from MLS, NHLPA and ICSS on hand to provide their unique input, this rousing panel
showed that there is no clear answer – yet.
Bill Ordower, EVP & General Counsel at Major League Soccer, said: “We see sport and gambling
being able to coexist. It’s beneficial to our leagues because it brings fandom to people from all
over, especially those who live in markets without teams. It drives excitement for those who
wouldn’t normally be interested in a game.”
Don Fehr, CEO of NHLPA, called for protection to players as it relates to sports gambling.
“Athletes will always be the ones receiving scrutiny because when someone loses money, they
look for someone to blame, which goes to players first. Over time players will get into
situations where reputations get damaged and privacy is invaded.”
Keynote speaker Mohammed Hanzab, Chairman & CEO of ICSS, summed it up perfectly with:
“Protecting the integrity of sport is not exclusively owned by one body, one single country or by
one entity. Protecting the integrity of sport is and must be a shared responsibility – one that
everyone can contribute to and play an active role in.”


After decades of poor governance and lax attitudes by sports governing bodies, the reputation
of sport has reached an all-time low due. The need for global leadership, meaningful reforms
and enhanced international cooperation is greater than ever.
Holli Richmond, Executive Director of the U.S. President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition
said: “Last year we took on a strategy to address the barriers that communities are facing,
getting volunteers and coaches to participate. SIGA is someone we can look to learn what you
are doing in the space, for coaches and community leaders completing rigorous training.”


Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of SIGA, reinforced the organization’s commitment to the
US by announcing the formation of “SIGA AMERICA.” With the US facing some of its most
challenging issues to date including legalized sports gambling, NCAA scandals, sexual misconduct
lawsuits and corruption cases, SIGA AMERICA’s presence comes at a perfect time. SIGA
AMERICA will be a not-for-profit subsidiary company, and will launch in the coming months.


Four-time Olympian Cameron Myler and former USA Rugby player of the decade Phaidra Knight
were appointed “SIGA Champions.” The duo will work closely with SIGA to promote values and
integrity in sport across the U.S. and worldwide, with a particular focus on youth.



AFDP Global, a social enterprise that supports global soccer initiatives to unite children and
young adults, pledged their allegiance to SIGA, and formally joined as a member organization.
Michael Robichaud, representative for fellow SIGA member organization Mastercard, urged for
the other representatives and organizations in attendance to back SIGA and work together to
create a united global front for sport integrity.


SIGA CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros closed the forum with this powerful sentiment:
“Sport is owned by each and every one of us. Sport belongs to all of us and we’re all
responsible for doing our share to encourage integrity in sport. The expectations are huge,
and I know we will deliver. Global problems need global solutions. If I have to define what is
SIGA in just two words, those words are: Tranquil Revolution. What we aim are not quick-fix
solutions, but long-term, sustainable, global reforms. The presence of so many delegates
today, coming from all over the world, is confirmation of the shared values and commitment to
stand up for good governance and integrity in sport.”

Link to info:
Sport Integrity Global Alliance

Founded in 2017, Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is an independent, multi-stakeholder,
international non-profit coalition. Its aims to monitor and increase integrity in the sports
industry from the grassroots youth level to the top professional leagues. SIGA’s vision is a
world where sport is played and governed under the highest integrity standards, free from any
form of unethical, illicit and criminal activity. SIGA was established as a service to sport, with no
political motivation or commercial interest.