The Sport Integrity Week 2021 is over, and the last day was exciting. The intense agenda included four high-level webinars, one open forum, the SIGA EUROPE Advisory Board announcement, Keynotes, a One on One Fireside chat and the closing ceremony, in an 8h30m marathon.

Dedicated to “Youth Development and Protection in Sport”, the day started with a SIGA / International  Labour Organisation open forum, on “Skills for integrity in and through Sport”.

Hamad Nasser Al-Missnid, President, ACTA, was next on the day programme, addressing a well-acclaimed Keynote. From Qatar to Stage Oceania, #SIW2021 dedicated 50 minutes to debate what can Oceania learn from other continents regarding hardship and cost cutting, as well as what steps need to be given in order to improve inclusiveness in sport.


Breaking news were delivered by Arkady Dvorkovich, President, International Chess Federation (FIDE) during a Fireside chat with Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA Global CEO.

“We are ready to go through SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS) and to share the best practices with the rest of the community”, Dvorkovich revealed, adding FIDE to the list of sports organisations that are going through SIGA’s integrity check: UEFA and IMMAF – European Rugby Leagues rating will be revealed soon.

“We welcome Fide within the SIGA community and are very keen to work alongside you, and the opportunity to go through the SIGA independent rating system is truly a game changer“, replied Macedo de Medeiros.

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The announcement of SIGA EUROPE Advisory Board was another top moment of the day, as Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros revealed 10 names to help the development of SIGA’s mission in the continent.

Chaired by Sir Dave Richards, the the Advisory Board will provide strategic guidance and independent advice to SIGA EUROPE’s leadership on relevant matters and projects, and support the implementation of the organisation’s vision, mission, and global reform agenda.

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Gathering relevant leaders from the industry, the Sport Integrity Week 2021 last day had four webinars:

Youth Development & Protection; Athlete Activism: Brand Value & Integrity; Mental Health in Sport: The Stigma Enigma; Sport For a Brighter Future: Pioneering Programmes that Inspire.


The closing session was another vibrant moment, as Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros speech urged all industry stakeholders to act, and promised SIGA not to slow down…

“The #SIW2021 was Bigger, Better and More Inclusive than ever before. The resounding success of this global thought leadership event is another demonstration that our Global Movement is growing day by day.

We will not rest on our laurels. We will redouble our efforts with a renewed and invigorated a sense of purpose and commitment to match your expectations and honour the overwhelming support we are receiving from all around the globe.”

SIGA’s global CEO emphasised the news regarding new Sport organisations taking SIRVS:

“We have heard, first-hand this week, that IMMAF, FIDE and UEFA will take the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System. Why? Because they know what excellence looks like and they want to demonstrate to fans, sponsors and the entire industry that, as far as good governance and integrity are concerned, they want to be at the podium on an ongoing basis. It is clear from everything I have seen and heard that we are not alone. It is clear that there is a significant reason for optimism and that our collective efforts will not go unrewarded.
It is Crystal Clear that meaningful change requires all stakeholders to unite – we need pioneering sports organisations to stand up and being counted by going through. This Sport Integrity Week – this extraordinary wave and unstoppable impetus that has been generated – will boost the much-needed and long-overdue integrity reforms, throughout the entire sports industry. Of that I am sure! And the implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards and the SIGA Independent Rating & Verification System will play a fundamental role.”

Macedo de Medeiros addressed athletes and governments a call to action: “We need more athletes to speak up about integrity and align with us as SIGA Champions. We need Governments and law enforcement agencies to walk the talk, and work with SIGA – hand in glove – to deliver change; we need all sport stakeholders collectively to stop sitting on the fence and put an end to the acceptance of self-certification of governance”.  

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