SIGA Welcomes Ponta Delgada as its Newest Member

Ponta Delgada, 05 August 2022

Located at the heart of the Atlantic ocean, Ponta Delgada, the capital city of Saint Michael’s island and the largest and most populated of the Portuguese archipelago of Azores, has just become the latest Member of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA).

One week after opening its doors to over 40 new Members and Committed Supporters with the constitution of SIGA LATIN AMERICA, including Brazil’s most influential sponsors, SIGA further expands its membership base and geographic footprint with the addition of one of the world’s most iconic and idyllic maritime cities. Significantly, the Azorean archipelago sees another of its top public institutions partnering with SIGA, following the example of the Government of Azores and the Ponta Delgada Football Association.

This important development was formalised during a public ceremony attended by the relevant governmental and municipal authorities, as well as  senior representatives from the local sport movement, business community and civil society. During the event, the SIGA Global CEO and the Mayor of Ponta Delgada signed a far-reaching Memorandum of Understanding. The objectives prioritised by the parties include, amongst others:

  • The promotion of Sport’s positive values and social, educational, cultural and economic roles;
  • The implementation of the highest integrity, transparency and accountability standards across the local sporting ecosystem, through the adoption of SIGA’s Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS), where appropriate;
  • The development of projects and initiatives aimed at fostering Youth Empowerment and Development in and through Sport, as well as the safeguarding of children and young people;
  • The promotion of healthy and positive lifestyles in and through Sport, and prevention of unethical and deviant behaviours and risk factors; and
  • The support to and participation in SIGA’s thought leadership initiatives and reform agenda.

Commenting on the significance of the agreement formalised by both institutions in his own home town, the SIGA Global CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, stated:

“As SIGA’s Global CEO and a proud son of this land, I am delighted to be here, amongst you, ‘my people’, signing an agreement that will pave the way towards the future of Sport and impact in such a positive  manner upon the lives of so many organisations and individuals, including the thousands of children and young people who love Sport and play it in their schools, in their clubs and everywhere.

With Ponta Delgada municipality as our newest Member, you can be certain that we will go above and beyond. Here, at the centre of the world, we connect the Americas, Europe and Africa with one common purpose and a shared ambition: to enhance the credibility of Sport and the wider industry for the benefit of all citizens. I want to thank  Ponta Delgada for its commitment to Sport Integrity and alignment with SIGA’s values. And, now, let’s get the work done”.

Pedro Nascimento Cabral, Mayor of Ponta Delgada, stated:

Ponta Delgada takes full responsibility for being a partner in the enforcement of fundamental values, such as integrity. This alliance with SIGA represents a qualitative leap in the promotion of exemplary behaviour in Sport and in the regulation of the entities that are involved in this environment. I refer to values such as integrity, transparency, solidarity and true scrutiny.”



SIGA is the world´s leading organisation for Sports Integrity. Supported by more than 200 international multi-industry supporters, we are creating a whole new landscape for the global sports industry by promoting the implementation of the highest integrity standards and delivering independent global rating and certification for Sport.

Funded by its members, SIGA is the only organisation to bring together all key stakeholder groups – Sport, Government, International Organisations, Global Business and Civil Society – from every region in the world, around one critical, fundamental Cause: to foster greater Integrity throughout Sport.

SIGA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as a non for profit association, funded by its members, and comprises of the following continental subsidiaries: SIGA AMERICA, SIGA EUROPE and SIGA LATIN AMERICA.

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