Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros interview with Daily Newspaper O Jogo after re-election as SIGA Global CEO.

Azores becomes SIGA member



José Manuel Constantino, Portuguese NOC president, handed SIGA Recognition Award

Portuguese Swimming Federation becomes SIGA Member and goes through SIRVS  



Michael Robichaud received SIGA Special Recognition Award during #SIGAWomen Summit on Female Leadership in Sport.


Cascais and SIGA join efforts to foster Sport Integrity

SIGA and Benfica Foundation Team Up for Sport Integrity and Social Causes


 SIGA CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros and SIGA COO Katie Simmonds with João Paulo Correia, Portuguese Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, after a meeting



SIGA LATIN AMERICA launched in São Paulo, Brazil



Ponta Delgada signs MoU to become SIGA member



All roads led to the Sport Integrity Week, in Cascais

SIW2022. Anti Piracy Pledge. From 3 to 108 signatories in 3 weeks.

 SIW2022. SIGA GRID Awards launch

SIW2022. SIGA Recognition Award to João Paulo Diniz (Posthumous)

SIW2022. EBU signs Memorandum of Understanding with SIGA.


SIW2022. Danish League becomes SIGA Committed Supporter; Portuguese Football League to go through SIRVS in 2023; Sport Integrity Pact signed 

SIW2022. Launch of the Executive Education Certificate on Good Governance in Sport with LU:NEX University.




Sport Integrity Week 2022.



Franco Frattini receives SIGA’s Recognition Award and is Appointed Honorary Chair



SIGA Partners with Liga Portugal for the Thinking Football Summit

SIGAWomen Global Mentorship Programme


SIGA holds Expert Summit on Global Leadership and Anti-Corruption in Sport

December. Magistrate Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini receives “Leader on Anti-Corruption Award”.

December. SIGA announces the Sport Transparency Index.




SIGA is the world’s leading organisation for Sport Integrity.

We are creating a whole new landscape for the sports industry by delivering independent global rating and certification for world Sport to ensure it is governed and operates under the highest integrity standards: The SIGA Universal Standards. Funded by our Members, SIGA is a non for profit global independent organisation with one aim: To ensure sport is industry is governed under the highest integrity standards so that the values of sport are protected.

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