2022 was a landmark year for SIGA.

Despite all the challenges and constraints posed by the ongoing global crisis and mounting political and economic instability, we spared no efforts to achieve all internal and external objectives we had set forth at the beginning of the year.

Acting as a united front, supported by a growing membership base and an increasing network of committed supporters, like-minded partners, and champions in Sport Integrity, we worked hard to move our reform agenda forward.

Together, sharing a common purpose and unity, we continue to create and reshape a new landscape for the entire sports industry by delivering a set of the most advanced Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and an independent global rating and certification for world Sport (SIRVS).

Funded by our Members, SIGA is a global, independent, and not-for-profit organisation. An action-oriented, result-driven, multi-stakeholder organisation.

We pursue a mission and a vision that we fundamentally believe in, guided solely by the democratic will of our Members – all Members – and Sport’s best interests.

We remain focused and entirely committed to our Cause.

Committed to continue following our own path. Independently. Pressing for the much-needed and long-overdue reforms.

Committed to ensure that Sport is governed and operates under the highest integrity standards.

Committed to ensure that Sport serves its purpose in today’s troubled society and global economy.


Members, Committed Supporters & Partners


In 2022 SIGA expanded its membership base, establishing new partnerships and strengthened its global network.

New members included the Azores Government, Portuguese Swimming Federation, Access Earth, underdog venture and Ponta Delgada municipality, amongst others. New members will be officially announced early next year, including but not limited to the International Chess Federation and Liga Portugal, who have already committed to adopt our Universal Standards and go through SIRVS. They will follow LEN Aquatics’ footsteps, who have already commenced the process to go through SIRVS in relation to the SIGA Universal Standards on Good Governance in Sport.

2022 also saw the Municipality of Cascais, Benfica Foundation, the Danish Fooball League, the European Broadcasting Union / Eurovision and other organisations formalise their cooperation with SIGA and become our Committed Supporters.

Building on the creation of its continental structures in Europe (SIGA EUROPE) and North America (SIGA AMERICA), we set up SIGA LATIN AMERICA with the support of our Members Pacto pelo Esporte and Arena Hub, joined by over 40-strong global sponsors from the region. SIGA LATIN AMERICA’s global strategy and business plan will be announced in January 2023. The organisation will be independently funded by its own means and will be fully operational within the first quarter of 2023.


The year started with Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros unanimous re-election for a second term as SIGA’s Global CEO.

Leading the way for Gender Equity in Sport, two female leaders were co-opted by the Council, and parity was reached.

The second SIGA Youth Council was elected, and SIGA LATIN AMERICA was officially launched, bringing 41 new Members and Committed Supporters to the sphere of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance.


As in previous years, SIGA led the way with high-calibre thought leadership initiatives:

The latter included a:

In addition, in 2022:


In its fourth cycle, the SIGAWomen Global Mentorship Programme grew to 100 women including 50 mentees from 32 countries around the world. The underdog venture team became the first official partner of the 2022 #SIGAWomen Mentorship Programme and Mastercard hosted the first hybrid Summit on Female Leadership in Sport in Manhattan, New York, returning to in person after the pandemic.

Building on the success of the digital SIGAWoW Show in 2021, SIGA went from digital to in person and continues to celebrate and inspire female leadership in sport. Under Armour partnered with SIGA during the first live SIGAWoW Show as our T-shirt partner.


So much to list! Starting with the ambassadors: we’re proud to remember 2022 brought Judo legend Telma Monteiro to the group of SIGA Champions.

During SIW2022, SIGA, SROC and ACT signed a Call to Action on Digital Piracy. Three weeks after, 108 organisations had signed it before addressing the message to the European Commission.

Integrity has the ability to unite, and that was shown by the captains of all teams participating in the Portuguese League, who have all signed a Manifesto for Sport Integrity.

With UEFA recognising SIGA’s leading role in promoting good governance and integrity in football and the wider Sport, the Portuguese Football League, the National Football Coaches, the Association of Referees and the Portuguese Players’ Union joined SIGA and signed a Sport Integrity Pact.

Another key moment of 2022 was the launch of the SIGA Universal Standards on Youth Development and Protection. The work carried out by a multi-stakeholder task force, coordinated by SIGA AMERICA offers the ideal recipe to enhance youth development and protect minors in Sport.

Coinciding with the International Anti-Corruption Day (9 December), SIGA presented one of the most relevant projects in recent years – The Sport Transparency Index – having successfully received ERASMUS + co-funding for the project. The achievement of this milestone is also another important step in the diversification of its income sources.


 Recognition is a basic, fundamental act of fairness to those who deserve it. Faithfull to its motto “Name and Fame”, we render recognition to a selected number of personalities who have rendered outstanding services in the field of Sport Integrity. This year, Italian magistrate Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini received the inaugural Leader on Anti-Corruption Award. Special Recognition Awards were presented to José Manuel Constantino, Michael Robichaud, João Paulo Diniz (posthumous), and Franco Frattini, who was also appointed Honorary Chair before his tragic passing on the 24th December.


Independent, free, and proactive Media are instrumental to Integrity in Sport. With this purpose in mind, SIGA continues to involve new media organisations in its mission and vision. 2022 saw the group of SIGA Media Partners further expand with the inclusion of the Hungarian and Portuguese Journalists Unions, Decyfr Sport, Sports Career Podcast and the online radios Golo FM and Gol FM.

The collaboration agreement between SIGA and the Media Partners does not involve any financial transactions, ensuring respect for the values ​​of a free press and the independence of each of the Media Partners and SIGA alike.


2023 will see the world transform in big and small ways. This will include disruptions throughout our culture, technology, science, health, and business sectors. Self-evidently, Sport will not be the exception.

Against this background of general concern about the state of the economy, the environment and world security, SIGA and our global community must maintain the course and work closer than ever. We must navigate the uncertainty that 2023 brings with the same strong resolve, pragmatism, and proactive vein as in these past three covid years.

There are many reasons to be optimistic. We have worked hard to be where we are. Faithfull to its foundational core values, encouraged by what we have jointly achieved in the past, we are confident and ready for the future.

We will continue to grow in numbers, representativeness, and global impact. We have several new SIGA Memberships and Partnerships to announce in 2023 as we continue to expand globally.

SIGA AMERICA and SIGA LATIN AMERICA will be fully operational and will lead the way for Sport Integrity across the Americas.

SIGA EUROPE will spearhead the development of the Sport Transparency Index across Europe and set in motion a series of action-oriented thought leadership initiatives.

The much-awaited SIGA SOLUTIONS will be a reality in just a few weeks to service the global sports industry, governments and law enforcement with unrivalled knowledge and expertise, and best-in-class training, education, capacity building and advisory services. This is another crucial step to diversify SIGA’s income streams and further strengthen its long-term, self-sustainable development and independence.

 SIGA WOMEN will continue to expand its outreach and sound influence, enhancing the was Sport govern itself and empowering women and girls in Sport and SIGA Youth Council will continue mobilising the Youth of the world and expand its global community.

The Sport Integrity Week will be back in 2023, with its 4th annual edition taking place between 4 and 8 of September. The SIGA GRID AWARDS will be one of the many novelties that the #SIW2024 will bring.

Six years after our constitution as a legal entity, time has come to conduct a thorough review of our internal governance policies and regulations, as part of our ongoing commitment to continuously evolve and enhance our own governance, transparency and accountability. This will be one of the many measures that will be announced at the outset of 2023, a year that will also see SIGA elected its new Chairperson and a new Ethics Committee, Audit and Compliance and other internal organs.

To conclude, we wish to express a heartfelt word appreciation to every SIGA Member, every SIGA Committed Supporter and every Partner for their invaluable support. We would not be able to achieve all we have achieved without you and without the active engagement, encouragement, and incentive from so many organisations and individuals. Similarly, a word of appreciation is owed to all SIGA Members for their financial and in-kind contributions. And, finally, on behalf of the SIGA Council, Executive Committee and our entire global community, a standing ovation goes to the memory of our Honorary Chairman, Dr Franco Frattini, for his exemplary leadership and relentless commitment to the SIGA Vision.

Extract from the Circular Letter sent to Members and Committed Supporters, 15 December;
signed by Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA Global CEO




SIGA is the world´s leading organisation for Sports Integrity. Supported by more than 200 international multi-industry supporters, we are creating a whole new landscape for the global sports industry by promoting the implementation of the highest integrity standards and delivering independent global rating and certification for Sport.

Funded by its members, SIGA is the only organisation to bring together all key stakeholder groups – Sport, Government, International Organisations, Global Business and Civil Society – from every region in the world, around one critical, fundamental Cause: to foster greater Integrity throughout Sport.

SIGA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as a non for profit association, funded by its members, and comprises of the following continental subsidiaries: SIGA AMERICA, SIGA EUROPE and SIGA LATIN AMERICA.

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